Hamlet Act 1

At the start of Act 1 the ghost means ____________________ something is wrong in Denmark.
The new kind of Denmark in Act 1 Claudius
Claudius marriage to Gertrude is an attempt to __________________ Balance the bad with the good in Denmark.
Dutiful Laertes is a character contrast to ________________ Wayward Hamlet
Gertrude and Claudius try to convince Hamlet that ________________ The death of a father is a natural park of life.
Hamlet is upset over 2 things…his fathers death, and ____________________ his mother remarrying to his uncle.
What does Hamlet mean when he says, “He might put an antic disposition on”? He might pretend to be insane.
Laertes and Polonius tell Ophelia ________________________ Not to fall in love with Hamlet.
Polonius gives advice to Laertes about how to ____________________ behave around others.
Why does the Ghost say his murder was “most foul”? He was murdered by his own brother and his killer married his widow.