Hamlet Act 1

By his comment in Scene 2 that the outer signs of grief are “actions that a man might play,” Hamlet is implying that Claudius and Gertrude pretend sorrow but feel none.
In Scene 1, Marcellus’s comment that “Horatio says ’tis but our fantasy” foreshadows the appearance of the Ghost.
In Scene 2, Hamlet’s aside “A little more than kin and less than kind” reveals his disgust at being called “son” by Claudius.
Which line from Hamlet’s soliloquy in Scene 2 expresses the cause of the conflict he is feeling? “O, most wicked speed, to post / With such dexterity to incestuous sheets!”
Laertes warns Ophelia against Hamlet in Scene 3 because he distrusts Hamlet’s constancy.
In his speech to Ophelia in Scene 3, Polonius plays on the word tender. He tells her to “tender herself more dearly,” meaning to offer herself, but not cheaply.
In Scene 4, Hamlet responds to Horatio: “My fate cries out / And makes each petty arture in this body/ As hardy as the Nemean lion’s nerve.” Which sentence clarifies his meaning in this simile? His conviction that he must speak to the Ghost fills him with courage.
The Ghost appears to Hamlet in order to exact a promise of revenge from Hamlet.
The Ghost’s speech affects Hamlet’s view of his mother because he learns that she was unfaithful to his father.
The Ghost’s reference to the “sulf’rous and tormenting flames” reveals that he must atone for sins committed in his life.
Explain two major conflicts experienced by Hamlet in Act I. One is with Hamlet’s mother andhis new stepfather Claudius and one with the ghost. The conflict with his mother and Claudius was that Hamlet was angry and finds that the wedding was immoral. For the ghost who was King Hamlet, he was killed by Claudius so that Claudius would marry Hamlet’s mother and the ghost want Hamlet to avenge him by killing Claudius.
What are two events foreshadowed by the developments in Scene 5? One of the events is when the ghost of his father asks him to take revenge of his murder and the other one is when the Ghost asks Hamlet to take revenge on Claudius. King Hamlet who is the ghost wanted Hamlet to kill Claudius. There was no other way for Hamlet to honor his father except by killing Claudius in revenge.