Hamlet act 1

Whhat is Elsinore? Castle
Who are the 3 guards? Marcellus, francisco, Bernardo
Who says “there is something rotten in Denmark”? Marcellus
What does it symbolize to have a ghosy rise from the grave? Something bad was going to happen.
What is one reason Cladius gives to Hamlet to stop grieving for his father? It happens all the time
According to Claudius how did old king hamlet die? Bit by a snake
According to the ghost how did old king hamlet die? Poured poisionus sap in his ear
Who is the ghost? Old king hamlet
Why does Horatio try to stop Hamlet from goong off to speak to the ghost? He didnt want the ghost to kill him or make him go crazy
Why did Horatio come to Elsinore? To go to the funeral and wedding
What command does polonius give to ophelia? Stay away from Hamlet
What is her response to this command? She will obey it
What kind of plan does Hamlet intend to use to find out the truth about his fathers death? He plans on going crazy
When Laertes tells ophelia to be wary of hamlets intentions what is her repsonse? Take your own advice
To whom does claudius send messengers? King of Norway
Who is the brother of Ophelia? Laretes
What does claudis do at the celebration that upsets hamlet? Drinks badly
What does the ghost tell hamlet to do about his mother? To leave her be
Who says “To thine own self be true”? To whom does he say it to? Polonius to Laretes
Which two characters want to avenge their father’s death? Hamlet and Fortinbras
Who marries Claudius? Gertrude
How soon after her husband dies does she marry Claudius? Within 2 months
Who says “Frailty thy name is woman”? Hamlet
Who is the love interest of Hamlet? Ophelia
In what country is the castle of prince Hamlet? Denmark
Name Hamlet’s mother? Gertrude
Name Ophelia’s father? Polonius
Who is king when the play opens? Claudius
What country is Fortinbras from? Norway