Hamlet 9.04 Quiz: Act 2

Why is Reynaldo obligated to follow Polonius’s instructions? Polonius is Reynaldo’s social superior.
What does Polonius advise Reynaldo to do? Spread rumors about Laertes
Polonius’s instructions to Reynaldo demonstrate his belief that….. One can use deception to uncover the truth
Why are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern summoned to Elsinore? Claudius and Gertrude want them to find out what is wrong with Hamlet.
Both Hamlet’s letters to Ophelia and his behavior during their meeting convince Polonius that Hamlet’s madness is …. Rooted in lovesickness
The language that Hamlet uses when talking to Polonius is filled with…. Double meanings
Polonius’s idea for uncovering the truth about Hamlet’s apparent madness is to …. Spy on him
How does Hamlet feel about the player’s ability to summon real emotion while delivering a speech about a fictional character? It impresses him and makes him upset with himself.
Hamlet’s soliloquy at the end of Act 2 is filled with language that captures his feelings of …. Self-loathing
What is Hamlet’s plan as Act 2 draws to a close? He will use the play to find out if Claudius is guilty of the murder.