Hamlet is the prince of what country? Denmark
Which of Hamlet’s relatives died, and what was the cause of his death? -his father King Hamlet-he was murdered in his sleep by his brother Claudius
Which two characters have gotten married following the death of the character mentioned in question 2? Claudius and Gertrude
Before the play begins, what two countries have gone to war? Denmark and Norway
What land were the two warring countries fighting over? Poland
Which country won? Who died in the process? -Denmark won-King Fortinbras of Norway died
What is Prince Fortinbras’s mission in the play? to win back the land his country lost and avenge his father’s death
What does Hamlet claim is common in his first appearance in Act I, scene ii of the play? the marriage celebration for Claudius and Gertrude (calls his mother a common slut)
Why has Horatio come to Denmark in the beginning of the play? for the King’s funeral and Claudius and Gertrude’s marriage
What advice does Laertes give Ophelia before leaving France? What is his reasoning? -don’t sleep with Hamlet-Hamlet has obligations to his country and he will break her heart
What is Polonius’ reaction to Laertes advice? he agrees
List three pieces of advice that Polonius gives Laertes before he leaves for France. -do not lend out money-dress nicely because appearance matters-be true to yourself
What does Hamlet say about the party that he, Horatio, and Marcellus can hear from the woods as they wait for the Ghost? he says it is a terrible tradition because it makes the country look bad after just losing their king
Who is the Ghost, and what request does the Ghost make of Hamlet? -King Hamlet-to avenge his death
What is the Ghost’s fate for the rest of eternity? Why? he is going to hell because he didn’t have his last rights
How does Polonius suggest to Reynaldo gain information on Laertes during his trip to France? He suggests Reynaldo say that he is a friend of Laertes, tell a rumor about him and see is the person he is telling it to can confirm it is true. In other words, he is fishing for facts about him.
Why does Hamlet visit Ophelia in her bedroom, and what does he say to her while there? he doesn’t say anything, he just looks at her, shakes (accosts) her, and leaves
What does Polonius claim is the cause of Hamlet’s madness? he is madly in love with Ophelia
After speaking with Hamlet, Polonius claims, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.” What does this mean? That Hamlet is crazy, but still has intelligence and purpose.
Which three characters are involved in convincing ophelia to initiate a conversation with Hamlet for them to watch in the beginning of Act 3? -polonius-claudius-gertrude
When hamlet tell ophelia “Get thee to a nunnery,” what does he mean? What is a nunnery and why does he tell her to go? He wants her to go to a nunnery so she won’t have children and procurate sinners like herself. nunnery=convent, where nuns go
Which character begins slipping into madness following their encounter? ophelia
while watching the play, Gert says, “the lady doth protest too much, methinks.” What does the lady (the queen in the play) protest too much? she protests too much that she will not remarry following the death of her husband
what is claud’s reaction to the play? he gets up, yells, and leaves
when h is summoned to g’s bedroom, he says that he will “speak daggers to her, but use none.” what does this mean? he will insult her with his words but not actually physically hurt her
in act 3 scene 3, h has the opportunity to kill c. why doesn’t he? compare what the timing of this death would mean for c to king h’s death? doesn’t kill c in this scene because he is praying, if he kills c now he would go to heaven bc he has confessed his sins whereas King h was killed before he had the chance to confess, and therefore destined to hell
which character is killed in gertrude’s bedroom? Polonius
where does Claudius decide to send Hamlet following the death of Polonius? England
who is to join Hamlet on his journey? rosencrantz & guildenstern
c sends a letter with rosencrantz & guildenstern, what does the letter say? the letter is for the king of england to “take care of” (meaning kill) h
in act IV scene iv Hamlet encounters a captain from fortinbras’s army, who explains that they are there in order to take over a certain portion of land. what is particular about this land? the piece of land is useless and has no worth other than honor for fortinbras
what is h’s reaction to fortinbras’s attempt to take over the land? he is prompted to take action
why does laertes return to denmark in the end of Act IV? he returns to kill Hamlet and take revenge for his father’s death
what are the three steps of the plan that laertes and c make? -laertes will fence h and use a sword with a pointed tip and stab h with it-he will lance the sword with poison-if this doesn’t work they will fight until h is tired and needs a drink, and they will give him a poisoned drink
What are the gravediggers discussing in the beginning of Act V? They are discussing whether or not Ophelia deserved a Christian funeral
Whose funeral is taking place? How did this character die? Ophelia, she drowned
Whose skull does Hamlet find in the graveyard? How did he know this person? How did he recognize his skull? Hamlet finds the skull of the jester from his father’s court who he knew when he was little. He recognizes the skull because this person had messed up teeth that they all used to make fun of. (Yorick)
Laertes —is cut by the poisonous sword when he and Hamlet switch swords during the fight. Hamlet acquires the deadly weapon and cuts him with it…he dies
Gertrude toasts to Hamlet at the duel and drinks the poison as well…she dies
Claudius Hamlet attacks him and then forces him to drink the poison as well..he dies
Hamlet is also sliced by the poisonous sword except by Laertes… he slowly dies from the poison
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern they are killed by the king in England because the letters that were sent were switched out, giving different instructions resulting in their death.

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