“for me, with sorrow i embrace my fortune. i have some rights of memory in this kingdom, which now claim my vantage doth invite me” fortenbras to everybody who’s alive. He ends up with everything because of lack of conflict
“rosencrantz and gildenstern are dead” embassetor to everyone. To close loose ends . shows its a true tragedy and everyone dies
“now cracks a nobel heart. good night sweet prince…” horatio to dead hamlet. Showing his grief for hamlet
“the rest is silence” hamlet’s last words
“a hit, a very palable hit” osric to everyone. He is excited about the first hit.
“to cut his throat i the church” laertes to king claudius. His hatred and revenge he wants to have on hamlet
“good night ladies, good night sweet lad” ophelia to king/everyone . shows how mad she is
“how all occasions do inform against , and spur my dull revenge” hamlet alone (army behind him) everything reminds him that he needs to get revenge of his uncle , kind claudius
“truely to speak, and with no addition,we go to gain a little patch of ground that hath in it no profit but the name” captain to hamlet . the fight for a bad piece of land. he compares himself to fortinbras and shows he is ready for war.
“in heaven: send thith to see: if your messanger finds him not there, seek him ihe other place yourself…” Hamlet to claudius asking where the body is where he says to look in hell , really the body is in the lobby.
“forgive me my foul murder” claudius to himself
“o speak to me no more, these words enter my ears like daggars….” queene to hamlet
“let me be cruel but unnatural: i will speak daggars to her but use none” hamlet to himself
“the lady doth protest toouch, methikns” quenne to hamlet she thinks the queen over acted it in the play, when in reality she knows she did not.
“there’s divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will” hamlet to horatio no matter what intentions there is in something another will shape the details. fate throughout the play
“”what ! frighted with false fire” hamlet outloud about eh play . why would the king be so upset if he’s innocent?
“there’s hope to a great mans memory may outlive his like half a year” hamlet to phoelia. people spend their lives to have memories that last
“Give me that man that’s not passions s and i will wear him in my heart…” hamlet to horatio. he wants to be just like him
“with devotion visagfe and pious action we do sugar o’er the devil himself “ polonius to the king. pretends to be devoted just to mask bad deeds