Who is Claudius? Hamlet’s uncle
What is the name of Hamlet’s mother? Gertrude
Who is Bernardo? One of the soldiers who sees the ghost
What is the name of the play performed for Hamlet’s uncle? The Murder of Gonzago
What are the names of Hamlet’s childhood friends? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Who does Hamlet kill behind the arras? Polonius
What is the name of the speech the lead actor gives when he arrives? The tale of Aeneas to Dido
What is a speech given by one actor on stage, addressed to the audience? A soliloquy
What is the name of Polonius’ daughter? Ophelia
Fortinbras is the ruler of what country? Norway
Who does the ghost resemble? Hamlet’s father
What is the name of the man hired to spy on Laertes? Reynaldo
What is the name of Polonius’ son? Laertes
Where does Hamlet tell Ophelia to go? To a nunnery
What does Hamlet want to ban? Marriages
Where is Hamlet being sent? To England
Why is Hamlet being sent away? He is too dangerous to leave in the kingdom
What does Hamlet mean by “I will speak daggers, but use none..?” He will not actually kill his mother.
What does Hamlet contemplate in “the great soliloquy?” Suicide
Why does Polonius think Hamlet is mad? He has been spurned by Ophelia.
Why is Hamlet sent to England? Claudius thinks he is too dangerous to stay in England
Why doesn’t Claudius kill Hamlet? The people and his mother love Hamlet
What happens to Hamlet on his way to England? He is captured by pirates
What does Hamlet find in the baggage of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Hamlet’s death warrant
Whose funeral does Hamlet stumble on when he returns to Denmark? Ophelia’s
How did Ophelia die? She drowned
Why does Laertes come to Denmark? To kill Claudius
What does Claudius convince Laertes to do? Kill Hamlet
How does Laertes decide to kill Hamlet? With a poisoned fencing foil
What does Claudius do to insure Hamlet dies? Poisons the drink
Who drinks the poison? Gertrude
Who is the only main character who survives? Horatio
Who becomes the king of Denmark? Fortinbras