Trivia Q: what country was Hamlet from?A:Denmark
Trivia Q: What happen to Hamlet Father?A: his uncle killed him
Trivia Q: What is the name of the castle?A: Castle of Elsinore
Trivia Q: What does Laertes tell Ophelia about Hamlet before he leaves Denmark?A: He tells her that hamlet doesn’t really love her
Trivia Q: Does Hamlet like King Claudius? A: NO
Trivia Q: Who does Polonius send to France to spy on Laertes?A: His Servant Reynaldo
Trivia Q: Where does the ghost appear during the play?A: Outside the castle
Trivia Q: Whose skull does Hamlet find in the churchyard right before Ophelia funeral?A: the court jester
Trivia Q: When the ghost appear in the Queen’s bedroom why does she ask Hamlet who is he talking to? A: she asked him that because she can’t see the ghost
Trivia Q: How many characters died during the play?A: 8
Trivia Q: Why was King Claudius shocked when he saw Hamlet return from England?A: Hamlet was supposed to be killed by Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Trivia Q: Who was the first one to discover the ghost?A: Horatio
Trivia Q: Why didn’t Hamlet kill the king when he saw him alone in the Church?A: Because the king was praying and Hamlet felt it wasn’t right to kill him while he was praying
Trivia Q: Who died in the fight scene at the end of the play?A: Hamlet, Laertes, King Claudius and Queen Gertrude
Trivia Q: What was Hamlet biggest soliloquy in the play?A: To be or Not to be
Trivia Q: How did Queen Gertrude die in the play?A: she drank poison
Trivia Q:Why does Polonius think Hamlet has gone mad?A: He thinks that he is madly in love with Ophelia
Trivia Q: How does Ophelia die? A:She drowns in a river
Trivia Q: Where does Hamlet and Laertes fight during Ophelia funeralA: in her grave
Trivia Q: Did Hamlet really want to kill Polonius? A: No, he didn’t know that he was behind the arras in his mother’s bedroom
Trivia Q:What did Claudius and Laertes talk about after the funeral?A: Claudius is telling Laertes to kill Hamlet
Trivia Q: At the end of ACT 1 why did the ghost leave?A: He left because morning had arrive
Trivia Q: What does the ghost tell Hamlet to do?A: He tells him to seek revenge on the king but not to hurt his mother
Trivia Q: What did Hamlet confide to Horatio? A: He tells him that he is going to pretend that he’s gone crazy
Trivia Q: What literary device was used a lot in Hamlet?A: Allusion
Trivia Q: What does the king admit to doing while watching the play?A: He admits that he did great evil
Trivia Q: Why does the king want to get rid of Hamlet? A:Because the king thinks that Hamlet knows what happened
Trivia Q: What was the name of the play by play?A: Mousetrap
Trivia Q: How is mousetrap ironic towards the play of Hamlet?A: Because it shows how the king killed his brother
Trivia Q: In King Claudius soliloquy, what does he admit to doing?A: He admits that he killed his brother
Q:Why was Hamlet so angry with his mother? A:He feels that his mother was behind the murder as well
Q:When Hamlet was talking to his mother, who shows up? A:Hamlet father
Q:What happen to Ophelia before her death? A: she went crazy
Q:Why did Hamlet and Laertes fight at Ophelia funeral?A:They fought over who love Ophelia more
Q:What message did Osric give to Hamlet?A:He tells hamlet that the king has a bet against Laertes outscoring Hamlet in a fencing match.
Q:What was Hamlet attitude towards Laertes before the fight?A:He was trying to ask Hamlet for forgiveness
Q:What was in the pearl that went into the wine before the fight?A:It was the poison to kill hamlet
Q:What did Gertrude tell Hamlet before she dies? A:She tells him that the drink was poison
Q:What is one major conflict between two people?A:Hamlet Vs. Claudius
Q:How did King Claudius die? A:He was killed by Hamlet and also Hamlet pour the rest of the wine with the poison down the king throat
Q:How did Hamlet die? A:Laertes stab him with poison on the tip of the sword
Q:Whose story does Hamlet ask the players to tell upon their arrival to Elsinore? A:Priam and Hecuba’s
Q:Who killed Fortinbras’s father? A:Hamlet’s father
Q:In what year was Hamlet most likely written? A:1601
Q:Who escorts Hamlet on the voyage to England?A:Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Q:What does Hamlet claim to be able to tell the difference between when the wind is from the south? A:A hawk and a handsaw
Q:Which of the following characters cannot see the ghost?A:(A) Marcellus(B) Hamlet(C) Gertrude(D) HoratioC
Q:Where is the university at which Horatio and Hamlet studied? A:Wittenberg
Q:How did Laertes died? A:Hamlet killed him
Q:Who takes over Denmark after king Claudius dies? A:Fortinbras