What is ironic about Polonius’s statement to Laertes within the context of the advice he gives? “This above all, to thine own self be true.” Polonius advises his son on making a good impression but then contradicts himself
What is NOT true from the opening scene in Act I? Horatio is working the late shift
What is NOT a common belief about ghosts during this era? Ghosts are the reincarnation of a lost loved one who has returned to earth to free the tormenting soul of the one who loved him/her most
What is the best summary of “it bodes some strange eruption to our state.”? The ghost appears dressed in armor
Why might Shakespeare have chosen to open the play with the ghost’s appearance? A ghost scene creates mood and interest for the audience
What best indicates there is a disorder in the kingdom? “They clep us drunkards with their swinish phrase.””Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.””like a guilty thing upon a fearful summons.”
What does Hamlet mean by, “Frailty, thy name is woman.”? Women are weak and fickle with love–especially Gertrude
What do Horatio and Hamlet agree on? Hamlet should say nothing about the ghost to anyone
What do Laertes and Polonius warn Ophelia about? Hamlet’s intentions are not serious and she should guard her virtue
What is NOT an argument made by the ghost to obey him? You cannot become kind if you don’t kill Claudius
How will Hamlet test the ghost to discover if he should obey? Act crazy so nobody will be suspicious of him while he finds out the truth
What is the main purpose of Act I? Present Hamlet’s problem
What is true in Act I? Claudius and Gertrude believe that Hamlet has been brooding too long over the death of his father
What is NOT told by the ghost who speaks to Hamlet? King Hamlet knew that Gertrude was having an affair
What is true about the following passage?King: How is it that the clouds still hang on you?Hamlet: Not so, my lord. I am too much in the sun. Shakespeare employs a pun on the word sun/son in reference to his new step-daddy and uses imagery of clouds and sun to reveal the mood, and specifically the brooding of Hamlet
What is ironic about the advice Claudius gives to Hamlet?”Tis unmanly grief. It shows a will most incorrect to heaven, a heart unfortified, a mind impatient, An understanding simple and unschooled.” Claudius tells Hamlet that he is behaving like a child and not a royal prince, but Hamlet shows proper respect unlike his mother.Claudius scolds Hamlet for being naive, but Hamlet understands more than Claudius knows.Claudius tells Hamlet that he is not right with God with his excessive gloomy spirit when it is Claudius who violates God’s divine right to rule and murders his own brother.
Who has seen the ghost? Horatio, Hamlet, Marcellus
What best exemplifies the them of disorder and decay? “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”
What does Hamlet mean when he tells Horatio that he will “put an antic disposition on”? Act crazy
Based on Act I, what might the audience expect to happen? Hamlet and Ophelia break up.Hamlet attempts to kill Claudius.Claudius attempts to kill Prince Hamlet.
Why is Denmark preparing for war? The Prince of Norway plots to retake land the Danish previously seized
Who is Laertes? Polonius’s son, Ophelia’s brother, King’s counselor
What in the ghost’s appearance makes Horatio nervous? He is dressed in armor
What does Hamlet learn from the ghost? Claudius killed his father
What does Claudius think is wrong with Hamlet? He is a pansy boy who cries too long over his father’s death
How does Ophelia’s family feel about her relationship with the prince? They are afraid she might get pregnant
What is Hamlet’s initial objection to his mother’s remarriage? He thinks she is desperate for a man in her life.He feels like his mother is fickle and weak.He thinks she married too quickly.
What advice does Ophelia give to her brother after he lectures her? Mind your own business
What is Hamlet’s advice to Horatio and the watchmen after seeing the ghost? Don’t tell anyone
What does the ghost demand of Hamlet? Avenge his death
What does Polonius think is Hamlet’s problem? He is in love
Who agrees to spy for Claudius? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
What do we learn in Hamlet’s Act II soliloquy? He wants to reveal Claudius’s guilt through the players’ reenactment of his crime
How does Hamlet feel about himself as revealed in the soliloquy? Excited
Who is Reynaldo? Polonius’s servant
Where does this story take place? Denmark
How does Hamlet look according to Ophelia? Disheveled and pitiful
What is the name of the play within the play? Mousetrap
What is Polonius’s concern regarding Laertes? He is partying too much.He is wild.He will embarrass the family.
What does the king want his spies to find out? Why Hamlet is acting so strange
Who are the “players” in Act II? Actors in the play within a play
What is the name of the castle? Elsinore