Hamlet 5.2

Your lordship is right welcome back to denmark (O) I humbly thank you sir… Dost know this waterfly
[dost thou know this waterfly?(Ham)] No, my good lord (Hor) Thy state is more gracious for tis a vice to know him. He hath much land and fertile. Let a beast be lord of beasts and his crib hall stand at the king’s mess. Tis a “chawff” but as I say spacious in the possession of dirt
Sweet lord if your lordship were at leisure I should impart a thing to you from his majesty (O) I will receive it sir with all diligence of spirit…Put your bonnet to his right use… tis for the head
I think your lordship…it is very hot (O) No believe me tis very cold…the wind is northerly
It is indifferent cold my lord indeed (O) But yet methinks it is very sultry and hot for my complexion…
Exeedingly my lord it is very sultry…….this is the matter (O) I beseech you remember (the hat)
Nay good my lord…..[talks about laertes]…of what part a gentleman would see Sir his definement suffers no perdition in thee. yet though I know to divide him inventorally would dizzy th’ arithmetic of memory and yet but yaw neither in respect of his quick sail. but in the verity of entolement I take him to be a soul of great article and his infusion of such dearth and rareness as to make true diction of him his semblable is his mirror and who else would trace him his umbrage nothing more
Your lordship speaks most infallibly of him (O) The concernacy sir? Why do we wrap the gentleman in our rawer breath?
Is it not possible to understand in another tongue?You will to it sir really (Hor) What imports the nomination of this gemtleman?
Of Laertes? (O) His purse is empty already.All’s golden words are spent (Hor) Of him sir.
I know you arent ignorant (O) I would you did sir yet in faith if you did it would not much approve me. Well sir?
you arent ignorant of what exelence laertes is… (O) I dare not confess that, lest I should compare with him in excellence but to know a man well were to know himself
I mean sir for his weapon…..he is unfellowed (O) Whats his weapon?
Rapier and dagger (O) thats two of his weapons …but well
the king sir,,,[terms of wager,objects involved]…most delicate carriages and of very liberal conceit (O) What call you the carriages?
the carriages sir, are the hangars…(O) The phrase would be more germane to the matter if we could carry a cannon by our sides. I would it might be hangers til then. But on! Six Barbary horses against six french swords, their assigns and three liberal-conceited carriages- that’s the french bet against the danish. Why is this all impawned, as you call it?
The king sir [wager-hits to each party]…..if your lordship would vouchsafe the answer (O) How if I answer no?
[how if I answer no (Ham)]I mean my lord the opposition of your person in trial (O) Sir I will walk here in the hall. If it please his majesty, it is the breathing time of day with me. Let the foils b brought, the gentleman willing, and the king hold his purpose, I will win for him an I can; If not, I will gain nothing but my shame and the odd hits.
Shall I deliver you even so? (O) To this effect, sir, after what flourish your nature will.
I commend my duty to your lordship (O) Yours Yours…..He does well to commend it himself; there are no tongues else for its turn
This lapwing runs away with the shell on his head (Hor) He did comply sir with his dug before he sucked it. Thus has he and many more of the same breed that I know the drossy age dotes on, only got the tune of time and, out of an habit of encounter, a kind of yeasty collection, which carries them through and through the most fanned and winnowed opinions; and do but blow them to their trial, the bubbles are out