Hamlet is the prince of what country? Denmark
Who is the ghost seen during the midnight watch? King Hamlet
What country wants to attack Denmark? Norway
Who is the leader of Norway’s army? Fortinbras
The people believe that King Hamlet’s death was caused by? Poisonous snake bite
What does the ghost tell Hamlet to do? Get revenge. Kill Claudius
What does Polonius forbid Ophelia to do? To see or talk to Hamlet
What does Polonius believe is the cause of Hamlet’s “mad” behavior? Lovesick for Ophelia
Why are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern really visiting Denmark? The king Claudius has sent for them
In Hamlet’s to be or not to be speech, what is he contemplating To live or die
What does Hamlet call the adaptation he wrote for the play? The mousetrap
How does King Claudius react to Hamlet’s play? He walks out
Why doesn’t Hamlet want to kill Claudius when he is praying ? He might go to heaven
What favor does king Claudius ask the king of England to do? Execute hamlet
Why won’t Claudius murder hamlet in Denmark ? The people like Hamlet and it would make Claudius look bad
Why does Ophelia loose her mind ? Hamlet killed Polonius then left Denmark
Which two characters join forces to plan Hamlet’s death? King Claudius and Laertes
How did Ophelia die? Drowned
What did Hamlet do to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Having them executed in England
How many people die in the play ? 8
How does Hamlet die ? Sword dipped in poison
How did queen Gertrude die ? Drinking poisoned wine
How did King Claudius die ? Forced to drink poisoned wine
How did Laertes die? Sword dipped in poison
Who does Hamlet want to be King? Fortinbras
“To thine own self be true? Polonius
“Frailty, your name is woman” Hamlet
“Through this be madness there is method in it” Polonius
“Brevity is the soul of wit” Polonius
“The play’s the thing in which I’ll catch the conscience of the king” Hamlet
“To be or not to be: that is the question” Hamlet
“Get thee to a nunnery” Hamlet
“My words fly up, but my thoughts remain below” Claudius
“My thoughts be bloody or have no worth” Hamlet
“Where the guilt lies, let the great axe fall.” Claudius
“Goodnight sweet prince” Horatio
Current King of Denmark Claudius
“For a loan often loses both the money and the friend and borrowing dulls the edge of thriftiness” Polonius
The sister of Laertes Ophelia
A very close friend of Hamlet Horatio
“Perhaps he loves you now, but remember who he is” Laertes
Prince of Denmark Hamlet
She married her brother in law Gertrude
“My lord, he has courted me honorably” Ophelia
King of Norway, slain by King hamlet Fortinbras
King’s messenger who just returned from Norway with news Voltimand
“Am I a coward for not taking action…” Claudius
Sends his own messenger to France to spy on Laertes Polonius
“He started looking at my face so closely as if he wanted to draw it.” Ophelia
Will decide about whether to allow Norway army to pass through Claudius
Will supposedly lead an army against Poland Fortinbras
“My lord, We were sent for” Guildenstern
Hamlet’s aunt-mother Gertrude
“What a piece of work is a man” Gertrude
Hamlet asks if he sells fish Polonius
” the lady does protest too much, I think” Gertrude
Was hiding behind a tapestry and killed by hamlet Polonius
Is the only other person who knows of Hamlet’s plan Horatio
“What if this cursed hand was thicker than itself with brothers blood” Claudius
“Oh hamlet speak no more; you have turned my eyes into my very soul” Gertrude
” for the noble mind, rich gifts become poor/ when the giver proves unkind” Ophelia
” it shall be so/madness in great ones must not unwatched go” Claudius
” I must start my mad act again” Hamlet
One of two people Hamlet compares to snakes Rosencrantz