The curtain opens on what setting (place and time)? Midnight in the castle of Elsinore, Denmark
Why is Francisco happy to see Bernardo? He is cold, tired, and worried about seeing the ghost.
Why had Marcellus begged Horatio to join in the watch? Because he wants Horatio to believe that they saw King Hamlet’s ghost.
What does the ghost look like? do? say? King Hamlet; It stalks away. It doesn’t say anything.
What was the outcome of the fight between King Hamlet and Fortinbras? King Hamlet killed Fortinbras and took over the disputed land.
Why is there a need for a nightly watch on the palace? There is fear that young Fortinbras will attach Denmark to revenge his father’s death and to take back the land.
How are Claudius, the dead King Hamlet, and Queen Gertrude related? Claudius is the brother of KIng Hamlet, brother-in-law to the queen and Prince Hamlet’s uncle.
What is in the letter Claudius is sending to the ailing King of Norway? A request that the “old Norway” (Fortinbras’ uncle) reign in the young Fortinbras and keep him from attacking Denmark
Who is Laertes? Why does he want to leave Denmark? He is the son of Polonius (Lord Chamberlain/ counselor to the King) and the brother of Ophelia. He wants to go to France.
Why is young Hamlet grieving? How do Claudius and Gertrude treat his grief? He is grieving over his father’s death and his mother’s quick marriage to Claudius. They tell him his grief is inappropriate and unmanly.
Why is the King planning a celebration? He is planning a celebration to cheer up and welcome Hamlet’s decision to stay in Elsinore
Who is Horatio? What does he reveal to Hamlet? He is Hamlet’s school friend from Wittenburg. He tells him that he has seen his father’s ghost.
What advice does Laertes give Ophelia? He tells her that Hamlet is not serious about her, and she needs to remain chaste.
What advice does Polonius give Laertes? He tells him to behave properly at school and do not borrow or lend money.
What advice does Polonius give Ophelia? He tells her not to dishonor the family or herself and to remain chaste.
How does Hamlet feel about the drunken revelry? He feels it is a disgrace and causes other nations to disdain the Danish culture.
What mixed feelings does HAmlet have when he sees the Ghost? He is not sure it is his father or an evil spirit that was sent to damn him.
Why doesn’t Horatio want Hamlet to follow the Ghost? He is afraid that either the ghost will either harm or kill Hamlet.
What does the Ghost tell Hamlet? He says that Claudius poured poison in his ear and caused his death.
How does the Ghost want Hamlet to treat Claudius? Gertrude? He wants him to kill Claudius but to spare his mother Gertrude.
What does HAmlet make Horatio and Marcellus swear? Why? He makes them swear that they will keep secret the incident with the ghost; He is plotting revenge against Claudius.
What does Polonius say to Laertes as advice? quote “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”
What does Hamlet say to Horatio? quote “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
What does Polonius say to Laertes as departing words to remember? “This above all to thine own self be true.”
hamlet prince of denmark/ student at university of wittenburg
claudius king of denmark, hamlets uncle
gertrude queen of denmark hamlets mother
polonius lord chamberlain of claudius court/ father of laertes and ophelia
ophelia polonius daughter/ hamlets love
horatio hamlets close friend
laertes ophelias brother
reynaldo hamlets friend and confidant
setting denmark in the 16th century
what is prince hamlets setting in his 20s sad because his father just died
who is denmark not on good terms to? norway
who lost land to denmark norway
what happens after the ghosts appears to marcellus he tells horatio
fortinbras son to the previous king of norway
what does fortinbras think? thinks because the king is dead, he has a chance to get the forfeited land back
what are the soldiers gonna do? soldiers are gonna tell hamlet that the ghost looks like father
friends tell hamlet not to meet with ghost because: (3) it might tempt him to jump off a cliff it might be so ugly that he would go crazy it might want him to sin so he goes to hell
hamlet does not care how it might harm him because…. he doesn’t want to live anyway
what does the ghost tell him? that claudius killed him by pouring poison in his ear
why is king hamlet upset after ghost tells him something? because he died in sin and has to make up for it
what does hamlet warn his friends? that he may act odd; they should not reveal what just happened with ghost
who does polonius send to spy on his son he sends reynaldo to spy on his son Laertes. (this spying will eventually get polonius into trouble)
who does claudius send to spy on hamlet claudius will have two aquaintences of hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern spy on hamlet
when ophelia sees hamlet he looks strange in what ways his clothes are not done right and he is shaking his head
the causes of why hamlet is acting strange: (3) 1. he just found out that his mother was cheating on his father2. he knows that his uncle killed his father so he has to disguise this knowledge or else he will be in trouble 3. his true love ophelia broke up with him cus her father told her to. Hamelt now thinks all women are fickle cus of ophelia and his mother
what does polonius think about hamlet after he sends spies to spy on him polonuis believes that hamlet really loves his daughter and he could benefit by a royal marriage
what did hamlet do for the play? hamlet will write lines for the play to be preformed that will make the play resemble what his uncle did to his father. If claudius looks guilty while watching it hamlet will know what the ghost said was true
what are plots? 1. denmark V. Norway 2. hamlet has to get revenge 3. illegal king ruling 4. hamlet and ophelias love affair
hamlet contrasts himself to the actors by: they can get themselves all emotional about a fictional character, but he cannot get enough emotion in himself to rage in and kill claudius, his fathers murderer
“The play’s the thing where in i’ll catch the conscience of a king” means: hamlet will watch his uncles reaction at the play to see of he acts guilty.
to be or not to be is a ….. soliloquy
what is a soliloquy? reveals characters inner deep thoughts
what is an aside? is talking when no one is hearing but people are around
what does to be or not to be mean? it is questioning whether suicide is the way out.
what is suicide back then a coward act
what is denmark’s situation denmark is worried that it might be attacked by norway because previously norway had to give much land to denmark
seeing the ghost foreshadows what? that the ghost has unfinished business
who talks to the ghost before hamlet? horatio and marcellus talks to the ghost
why do the guards think the ghost disappeared? they think they have offended him
how old is prince hamlet in his 20’s
“never make known what you have seen tonight” means: makes the guards not say anything
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dremt of in your philosophy. But come.” there are things in the world you can’t explain
to put an antic disposition on fooling around
levies means: army
you cannot take from me anything that i will more willingly part withal- except my life, except my life, except my life he wants to die
why is hamlet afraid of death? afraid of what lies after death
the more beautiful the less… pure