Hamlet 2: quotes

Polonius music to Reynaldo in ‘let him ply his music’
Polonius metaphorical tactics to Reynaldo in ‘With windlasses and with assays of bias,/By indirections find directions out’
Hamlet’s dumbshow as described by Ophelia ‘Pale as his shirt…As if he had been loosed out of hell/To speak of horrors’
Hamlet’s perusal of Ophelia’s face ‘such perusal of my face/As a would draw it’
Hamlet on Polonius (insight) ‘fishmonger’
Hamlet on player’s impromptu speech on the siege of Troy? ‘What would he do/Had he the motive and the cue for passion/That I have?’
Hamlet on theatre’s potential for provoking the audience? ‘drown the stage with tears…Make mad the guilty and appal the free’
Hamlet on his cowardliness in the light of the players speech? ‘dull and muddly-mettled’ ‘Like John-a-dreams, unpregnant of my cause’ ‘pigeon-liver’d and lack gall’
Hamlet questioning the ghost? ‘The spirit that I have seen/May be a devil’ assuming ‘a pleasing shape’
Hamlet decided to put the play to the test – to test Claudius, and the Ghost? ‘The play’s the thing/Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king’