who sees the ghost that looks like king hamlet? the sentinels
who gets married in the castle? claudius and queen gertrude
who is prince hamlet’s good friend? horatio
of whom does hamlet say, “frailty, the name is woman”? gertrude
who told hamlet to “no direct his revenge toward his mother but leave her to heaven”? ghost hamlet
claudius is prince hamlet’s uncle
polonius is advisor to the king
to whom does hamlet say “get thee to a nunnery”? ophelia
what does hamlet do to examine the truth of his fathers death? prepare a play
who says “in second husband let me be accurst/none wed the second, but who killed the first?” player queen
what was the play called that hamlet made to examine the truth of his fathers death murder of gonzago
what is hamlet questioning in the “to be or not to be” soliloquy suicide
why does polonius send reynaldo (his servant) to france? give money & letters to laertes
who were summoned by claudius and gertrude to spy on hamlet and find the cause of his madness? rosencrantz and guildenstern
who hides in gertrude’s bedroom behind a tapestry? polonius
who does hamlet kill in act 3? polonius
acts 2 and 3 take place in? elsinore castle
when claudius learns that hamlet has killed polonius “by accident” he constructs a plan to.. kill hamlet
on the plains of denmark, hamlet sees and is influenced by fortinbras
laertes returns from france to avenge his fathers death
in act 5, who was a sword fight? hamlet and laertes
before the duel, claudius puts venom in the wine
who dies as a result of the duel? everyone basically
who announces ophelia’s death? gertrude
when do the gravediggers joke about burying a suicide in holy ground? beginning of act 5
in the graveyard the skull that hamlet held was that of kings jester
what does hamlet ask horatio to do? tell the truth
who marries the widowed queen gertrude? claudius
who goes to france? laertes
what is the name of the danish castle? elsinore
who tells ophelia “don’t believe all that hamlet tells you” polonius
what does polonius want reynaldo to do in paris? spread false rumors
why does hamlet choose not to die? he’s afraid of what comes after death
why doesn’t hamlet kill claudius in act 3? he’s cruel
fortinbras’ example gives hamlet determination and courage
how does ophelia die? drowning
how did gertrude die? drinking the wine meant for hamlet
who announces ophelia’s death? gertrude
the primary attitude/emotion in hamlet is? revenge

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