Position in the play Prince of Denmark, title character and protagonist who drives the plot of tragedy
Wittenberg Before his father’s death, he was a student of philosophy at Wittenberg university. A university in northern Germany, where Luther drew up his 95 theses.
Adjectives Melancholy, bitter, cynical, reflective, thoughtful, often indecisive and hesitant, at times rash and impulsive. Pensive, introspective.
Avenging Son Unlike his father whose name he shares, Hamlet is not a hero in a marital mould like his father. He looks weak as a avenging son, alongside Laertes and Fortinbras.
Questionable hero? Is his cruelty to Ophelia and his mother justifible because the world has driven him mad?
Morally compromised Is he morally compromised by his decision to send Claudius to hell, not just kill him and his role in sending R&G to his death in England?
Crippled Crippled by his introspection and the images in his “minds eye” his grief and revulson at his mother’s remarriage.
Triumph? Does he triumph at the end or is he merely complicit in a botched assassination attempt? Is there truth in Fortinbras’ epigraph “as a soldier.. Likely, had he been put on/ To have proven most royally”

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