Who do the guards bring to witness the genome on? Why? Heratio because hes been to collefe
What historical information is communicated in this scene (Scene 1) Norway took Sweden and forinbras wants revenge
What attitude toward Hamlet is communicated by Claudius & Gertrude? They think hamlet has been mooring too long
School in Wittenberg Where heratio and hamlet when to school
Laertes & Polonius both give what advice to Ophelia? Beware of Hamlet
Describe the conflict between hamlet,horatio & Marcellus when the ghost appears Ghost appears and wants hamlet to go with him ???
Summarize the ghost’s message, especially with respect to Gertrude leave gertrude out of this
The three men swear and are resolved to what at the end of the scene ? Keep a secret
Ophelia reports what to Polonius? And, how does he interpret what she says? Hamlet looks disheveled; Polonius thinks he loves her
Summarize the wider context & issue of interpreting Hamlets behavior Hamlet has a tense relationship with his mom because of his uncle marring his mom; this gives him a bad attitude toward woman in general
Who are Rosenkrantsz & Guildenstern, and why are they at court? They are hamlets college friends; they at court to spy on hamlet
Summarize the scene with the players, especially the contrast I‎t creates between Polonius & Hamlet Polonius doesn’t appreciate theatre and Hamlet does
What is Hamlet facing in the “now I am alone” speech? The actor cry’s over nothing meanwhile hamlet cannot cry over whats over real
What attitude does hamlet express in his conversation with Ophelia? What is his point in asking Ophelia if she is fair… is honest? Hamlet is sarcastic; He is asking her is she’s pretty; Then he asks the question if being beautiful makes you good
2 things we learn of what Claudius is thinking- in the aside and at the close of the scene He is not mad; its something else?
What is significant about the play that is acted for the court? I‎t is exactly what happened in real life
How does Claudius respond He calls for lights and storms out
What is Hamlet resolved to do at the end of the scene To see his mother
Claudius makes what plan with Rosenkratz & Guildenstern Send hamlet to England to be executed
What is revealed in claudius’s speech He does not believe Polonius’ theory that hamlet loves Ophelia and thats what’s bothering hamlet
What is hamlet doing just before the events that lead to the murder? He forces his mother to look at portraits of his father and uncle and recognize their differences
What is the basic message of hamlets speech to his mother? How does does respond? He is persuading her not to have sex with Claudius
Summarize the important point of the ghost scene in act 3 -only hamlet sees I‎t (which suggests he’s going insane) -ghost encourages him to do what he said and intervene in his mothers conscience
What is the context of the comic tone in scenes 2 & 3 of act IV They are looking for Polonius’ body and hamlet is making sarcastic jokes
Hamlet’s speech about the Polish soldiers, in scene 4, parallels that on the crying actor? Explain. The soldiers are willing to die for a meaningless piece of land
Scene 5 centers on Ophelia’s condition explain She’s going insane
In what mode does Ophelia communicate? And what themes? She sings in folk songsTHEMES: death (her father) love (hamlet)
Ophelia exits and laertes enters. Explain context Laertes who is back from France has heard of his fathers murder and he returns angry and ready for REVENGE
What new content enters Ophelias mad recitation She is using flowers as symbols which is part of the same folk culture as the songs
Summarize the letter Horatio receives from the sailor Letter from hamlet saying he is on his way back after being captured by pirates from England ???
What 2 reasons does Claudius give for not retaliating against hamlet -close to his mom-popular among people
Claudius presents what plan to laertes with respect to hamlet Poison sword and drink
Act IV ends with what news from Gertrude? Her description recalls Ophelia’s speech. Explain Ophelia has drown. The way she explains her death builds on the flower motif because he herself is described as a flower
Explain how class & comedy work in Shakespeare in general and with respect to V:1 High & low comedy=aristocratic worldplay (wit) & working class instruction of the body -gravedigger 1 displays both although his wit is supposed to be vulgar
What are the gravediggers talking about with respect to Christian burial including how the discussion branches class Ophelia is a sucide, which should preclude Christian burial but she is a lady of high class so she is allowed to
Explain hamlets POV on the gravediggers behavior, especially with respect to “here’s a fine revolution” I‎t is a political possibly democratic metaphor for mortality
Explain what is going on in the famous skull scene. Relate I‎t back to the matter of comedy -hamlet recognizes his childhood court jester -with his awareness of human mortality -the comic stance cannot with stand morality
Explain the layered conflict between laertes and hamlet Beneath the surface conflict of avenging Polonius’ death -both loved Ophelia -both have murdered fathers they wish to avenge
What does Hamlet mean, speaking of laertes “For by the image of my cause I see the portraiture of his” Hamlet is sorry about the way he treated laertes because they are in the same situation
Just before the fencing match hamlet expresses some subtle notions about identity & responsibility Explain First he says to horatio that he has a kind of women’s intuition of something foreboding. Second, he tells laertes that I‎t was his madness that killed his father not himself

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