Grendel’s Battle- Beowulf

What is the first thing that Grendel does when he arrives at Herot? He devours a Geat warrior while Beowulf watches.
What biblical character is Grendel a descendant of? Cain
Why did Hrothgar build Herot? To share the gifts that God gave him
Why didn’t Herot collapse when Beowulf engages Grendel in battle? Herot was reinforced by iron
How was Grendel wounded? His arm was torn off by Beowulf
What might the collapse of Herot symbolize? The collapse of the Danish throne
How did Hrothgar come to know Beowulf’s father? Beowulf’s father found himself in a feud with a tribe known as the Wulfings after he killed one of its members. Hrothgar bailed Beowulf’s father out by paying the Wulfings blood money.
What does Grendel symbolize? A force of evil
How did Beowulf fight Grendel? With his bare hands
Where does Grendel go after the battle? His home in the swamp
What does Beowulf do with Grendel’s arm? He hangs the arm high on the wall of Herot as proof of his victory
What do the Danish warriors do to celebrate? They race around on horse-back following Grendel’s tracks which lead to the marshes.
Who is Beowulf? The protagonist of the poem and leader of the Geats.
Who is Hrothgar? King of the Danes; wise leader
Who is Grendel? A demon, possible son of Hrothgar

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