Greg’s Macbeth – Theme GREED

Thus must thou do if thou have it Act 1 Sc 5: It would be better to commit evil acts to become King rather than not be King
The cat would eat fish and would not wash her feet Act 1 Sc 7: Macbeth would become King but does not want to face consequences
I go and it is done, the bell invites me Act 2: Macbeth murders Duncan to become King (is there an implication of him not taking responsibility for his actions but of him being forced/led to do this)
To be thus is to be nothing but to be safely thus Act 3: MB wants more information from the witches and gets murderers to kill Banquo because it is pointless to be King if you are not safe
All my pretty chickens and their dam at one fell swoop Act 4 Sc 3: Macbeth kills Banquo and MDs family; he realises his only motivators are greed and ambition
I will not yield to kiss the ground at young Malcolm’s feet Act 5: MB has the chance to surrender but doesn’t, showing he is greedy as he is so desperate to keep the title that he has (King)