Great Gatsby Timeline

1890 James Gatz born in North Dakota
1892 Nick Carraway born
1899 Daisy Fay is born
1907 James Gatz attends St. Olaf’s in Minnesota where he works as a janitor (1)
1907 James Gatz changes his name to Jay Gatsby (2)
1907 Jay G. meets Dan Cody and sails to the west indies with him (3)
1912 Dan Cody dies
1915 Nick graduates from New Haven and returns to the midwest. He goes east to find business. He is from Chicago.
1917 Jay Gatsby meets Daisy Fay (who is 18) then he goes off to war (WWI)
1918 Daisy Fay marries Tom Buchanan
1919 prohibition of alcohol. Also the year of the “Black Sox” scandal [fix of the world series]
1920-33 Liquor illegal, Gatsby bootlegs for $$
Spring 1922 Nick Carraway moves to NY (West Egg)
Fall 1922 Gatsby dies at age 32, Nick is 30 and moves back home.
1924 Present Day

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