Great Gatsby summary questions and vocabulary

How does the narrator describe Gatsby? He had an extraordinary gift for hope, and a romantic readiness.
From where did the narrator come and why? From the Midwest to study bond business.
Describe the narrator’s house. It is weather beaten bungalow squeezed between two mansions.
Describe the Buchanan’s house. It is a formal and traditional colonial Georgian mansion.
How does Nick know Daisy and Tom? They are cousins. Two of them know one another from school.
Describe Tom. What is our first impression of him from chapter 1? He has an athletic build and an arrogant attitude. He is an old-money snob.
What kind of a person is Daisy? She is a down-to-earth, sweet, and naive young woman.
What did Miss Backer tell Nick about Tom? He is having an affair.
How is Gatsby introduced in the novel? He is mentioned in a conversation between Nick and Jordan. Later Nick sees him on the lawn in the moonlight.
What is “the valley of ashes”? An area in East Egg where a fire had happened many years ago.
What are the “eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleburge? An illustration on a billboard.
Who does Tom take Nick to meet? His mistress.
Who is Myrtle Wilson? She is Tom’s mistress.
Who is George Wilson? He is the husband of Myrtle.
What does Mrs. Wilson buy when she was out with Tom and Nick? A dog.
Where did they go? What was at 58th street? The apartment where Tom met his mistress.
Who is Cathrine? She is Myrtle’s sister.
Who are Mr. and Mrs. McKee? They lived downstairs in an apartment complex.
What does Mr. McKee tell Nick about Gatsby? He is the nephew of Kaiser Wilhelm.
What reason did Myrtle give for marrying George Wilson? She thought he was a gentleman, later she thought differently.
What did Tom do to Myrtle when she mentioned Daisy’s name? He hit her and broke her nose.
Which one of these does NOT represent Gatsby’s wealth? Old, family money.
What kind of people come to Gatsby’s parties? The newly rich, famous, and their friends.
Why did Nick Carraway go to the party? Gatsby sent him a direct invitation.
How does Nick meet Gatsby? He asks who he is talking to at a party, and realizes that he is talking to him himself.
Which is NOT one of the stories about Gatsby? He inherited his money from his mother, a French baroness.
What word can be used to describe Gatsby? Phony
Describe the relationship between Jordan and Nick. They are starting to get friendly.
Who is Klipspinger? He is someone that lived with Gatsby.
What does Gatsby tell Nick about himself? He was educated at Oxford, inherited his money from his family, and got some medals during the war.
What “matter” does Gatsby have Jordan discuss with Nick? He wanted him to have a lunch with Daisy and himself.
Who is Mr. Wolfshiem? He is a racketeer and a business associate of Gatsby’s. He fixed the 1919 World Series.
What does Mr. Wolfshiem tell Nick about Gatsby. He is dangerous and should not be trusted.
What does Jordan tell Nick about Daisy? He met her at a party and wanted to get to know her better.
What does Jordan tell Nick about Gastby and Tom? He knows him threw business dealings.
Describe the meeting between Gatsby and Daisy. It was initially very awkward because they were nervous. Eventually they both started to ease up and talk more.
How long did it take Gatsby to make enough money to buy his mansion? Three years.
What does Gatsby do to impress Daisy? He showed her his house and elegant cloths.
What had the green light on the dock meant to Gatsby? It stood for his vision of his future with Daisy.
What does this line from the book mean? “The vitality of his illusion had gone beyond Daisy beyond everything”? He was mentally unstable and unable to cope with reality of life.
What was Gatsby’s real name? James Gatz
Where was Gatsby from? North Dkota
What did Dan Cody do for Gatsby? He lent him money for business ventures.
What is Daisy’s opinion of Gatsby’s party and how does it affect him? She does not like it and it is making him depressed.
What does Gatsby want from Daisy? He wants her to leave Tom to show him her love for him.
What was Gatsby’s reaction to Daisy’s child? He was shocked.
What did Wilson do to Myrtle? Why? He locked her in a room because he expected she was having an affair.
Why do the four drive into the city on such a hot afternoon? Daisy wants to avoid confrontation and get away from problems.
What does Gatsby think about Daisy’s relationship with Tom? She used to love him, but he never loved her.
What is Daisy’s reaction to Gatsby and Tom about there fight? She wants the escape him, but is afraid he will be mad.
What happens on the way home from New York? Daisy is driving Gatsby’s car. She hits Myrtle Wilson, but keeps driving.
What happened as a reaction to Myrtle’s death? Tom’s first instinct is to protect himself, but then he cries.
How are Daisy and Tom alike? They are both unhappy, but do not want to do anything about it.
What does Gatsby tell Nick about his past? He was already married when she met him. He was planning to get a divorce to marry her, but she got married before he could do that.
What does Michaelis believe caused Myrtle to run? She saw Tom’s car and was going towards it.
Why did Myrtle run? She was terrified that Wilson had snapped and was going to kill her.
Why does Wilson believe that Gatsby killed Myrtle? He traces the license number and finds out who it is.
What did Wilson do? He kills himself and Gatsby.
Why couldn’t Nick get anyone to go to Gatsby’s funeral? He had no close friends that cared about him.
Who is Henry? He is Gatsby’s father.
Why is the book that Gatsby’s father gives Nick important? It shows that he is romantic and wants to get ahead in life.
What happens with Nick and Jordan Backer? He ends the relationship because he got offended by her moral values that she had.
What does Nick say about people like Daisy and Tom? “They were dreamers who refused to see reality, but would never really be happy”.
intuitive instinctive, untaught
jubilation joy, celebration, exultation
lobbyist person who seeks to influence political events
longevity long life
mundane ordinary, commonplace
nonchalant calm, casual, seeming unexcited
novice apprentice, beginner
opulent wealthy
orator lecturer, speaker
ostentatious showy, displaying with wealth
parched dried up, shriveled
perfidious faithfulness, disloyal, untrustworthy
precocious unusually advanced or talented at an early age
pretentious pretending to be important, intelligent or cultured
procrastinate to unnecessarily delay, postpone, put off
prosaic relating to prose; dull, commonplace
prosperity wealth or success
provocative tending to provoke a response, e.g; anger or disagreement
prudent careful, cautious
querulous complaining, irritable
rancorous bitter, hateful
reclusive preferring to live in isolation
reconciliation the act of agreement after a quarrel, the resolution of a dispute
renovation repair, making something new
resilient quick to recover, bounce back
restrained controlled, restricted, repressed
reverence worship, profound respect
sagacity wisdom
scrutinize to observe carefully
spontaneity impulsive action, unplanned events
spurious lacking authenticity, false
submissive tending to meekness, to submit to the will of others
substantiate to verify, confirm, provide supporting evidence
subtle hard to detect or describe; perceptive
superficial shallow, lacking in depth
superfluous extra, more than enough, redundant
suppress to end an activity, e.g; to prevent the dissemination of information
tactful considerate, skillful in acting to avoid offense to others
tenacious determined, keeping a firm grip on
transient temporary, short-lived, fleeting
venerable respected because of age
vindicate to clear blame or suspicion
wary careful, cautious
East Egg old money, inherited form parents. Old colonial traditional red brick house
West Egg new money, newest house, Rebuilt French chateau, added everything he wanted to buy, . He showed off his money
Tom Buchanon has power, he is strong, straw blond hair (horses=animals). Arrogance. He can do whatever he wants, immoral-cheats on Daisy, lies about Gatsby, manipulates Gatsby death
George Wilson dirt poor, grey and dirty and ashen, opposite of him passive, anemic, Moral=loves wife; mourns wife; kills himself
Daisy’s home white billowy curtains, colossal, ordered, staff to keep it going. Big on the water, spacious, green lawns gardens fountains. In the subps , on the watter-only rich people live there. Restfull-peacefull
Tom and Myrtle house small, chaotic, crazy, extremely crowded, too much furniture, not tasteful-gaudy, Myrtle thought tasteful
How does Nick change during the book? In the beginning, reserve all judgment, Tome and mistress
Describe Gatsby’s dream. Why or why not did he achieve it. I think he wanted to be with Daisy, but he died.
Why does Daisy stay with Tom rather than leave him for Gatsby? She is afriad that he will be mad if she left him.
What does the green light symbolize in the Great Gatsby? His love for Daisy
What does the Valley Of Ahes represent? It is showing dreariness.
What does Spring represent? A new begening.
Gatsby Someone that wears gold and that stands for how much money he has, and how successful he is as a person.
Daisy Wears white that can show how she can be innocent
Why do Nick and Jordan break up? She admitted that she was getting married and he admits that he thinks he meant nothing to her.
Why does Daisy stay with Tom instead of Gatsby? She is afraid he would hurt her if she left him.
What does Nick think about carless people? He told Gatsby that he was worth more than Daisy and Tom who acted like that. They messed up lives letting other’s clean up the mess that they were responsible for leaving behind.
Tom he abused Murtle by hitting her and leads someone to make them think Gatsby was in charge of the death of Myrtle even though he was not the one in charge
Daisy Daisy likes to flirt even though she is already married and that makes her carless.
What is Nick’s final oppion of Gatsby? He is a very honest man when he said that he was worth everyone put together admiring how he was telling the truth

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