Great Gatsby Setting/Symbols

East Egg one of the 2 egg-shaped islands. “Old Money” people live here, such as Tom and Daisy Buchanan
West Egg one of the 2 egg-shaped islands. Home of the newly rich, such as Jay Gatsby
New York City Large city full of activity and entertainment. where nick works as a bondsman
Gatsby’s house Built to resemble a famous landmark home in Europe. One of the things Gatsby acquires in his pursuit of Daisy
Tom and Daisy’s house a large red and white Georgian colonial mansion on East Egg.
Tom and Myrtle’s apartment A top floor apartment in New York, filled with overly ornate furniture
Nick’s house a forgotten “cardboard” bungalow between 2 mansions on West Egg.
Valley of Ashes an industrial area halfway between West Egg and New York, full of dust and smoke from the factories
Green light symbolic of goals, dreams, or even a desire to repeat the past
Valley of Ashes Symbol Symbol of poverty, hopelessness, the darker side of the American Dream
Dr. TJ Eckleburg’s eyes Symbol of judgment or abandonment, possibly by a higher power
Automobiles seen throughout the book as a status of wealth and freedom, as well as escape and danger
parties menat to attract attention, display wealth and showcase the pursuit of pleasure
cheating something seen frequently in the book. used as an escape from boredom (tom), poverty (myrtle) , or as a path to achieving the American dream (Gatsby)

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