Great Gatsby Quiz – Preface– Chapter 1

What disease was Fitzgerald affected by? He was an alcoholic
What kind of business did Nick’s great Uncle start? Hardware Business
What is Nick’s profession? He is a stocker broker, in the bond business
How does Nick know Tom and Daisy Buchanan? Daisy is his 2nd cousin once removed. Tom and Nick went to Yale together.
What is the central theme of the “scientific” book Tom refers to at length during dinner? That the white race is losing its power! RACISM
According to Daisy, what is the best thing in this world a little girl can be? A beautiful fool
What is Jordan Bakers profession/ occupation? She is a golfer
WHo calls Tom durign dinner and is referrred to as a “fifth guest”? His mistress
Who does Nick observe on the lawn after he returns from East Egg? Gatsby
What does Nick observe this person do that seems somewhat curious? He reaches out his arms toward the green light

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