Great Gatsby Questions Chapter 9

What is the significance of Nick’s taking charge of Gatsby’s funeral arrangements? Nobody wanted to visit Gatsby and nobody cared
Why do Tom and Daisy leave? Because they do not want to be called for being visited by Wilson or they might of figured out that Daisy killed Myrtle
How does Nick react to the phone call revealing Gatsby’s criminal activities? He didn’t really care about it he was just mad that nobody wanted to come to Gatsby’s funeral
What is the significance of Mr. Gatz arrival? Mr. Gatz is Gatsby’s father
What is the irony of Mr. Gatz admiration of the house? Since Gatsby is dead he gets the house because he is the father
What two emotions are pulling Mr. Gatz? Excited in a sad way
What is the irony of Mr. Gatz’s comment about James J. Hill? They did not know him but he still came to the funeral
Why did Nick take care of Gatsby’s funeral? Because nobody cares bout Gatsby when he is dead
How was Jay Gatz’s childhood schedule consistent with the adult Gatsby’s behavior? It shows that Gatsby was determined to become a successful person
What is the purpose of Nick’s last meeting with Jordan? So that he could at least leave thing from New York better than they were
Why does Nick call Tom and Daisy “careless people”? Because they do not care there friend who died and they are not even trying to call to see if things were ok

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