Great Gatsby Color Symbolism

Green Green symbolizes optimism, hope, and vitality in the novel. Ex: The green light on the end of Daisy’s dock symbolized Gatsby’s love for her. The seats in Gatsby’s car are green, representing his vitality and hope.
Yellow Yellow in the novel represents falseness and fraud. The common conception of yellow as a fake version of gold adds to this idea. Ex: Daisy is thought of as a fake person in the story, and is described as wearing yellow. Yellow can also symbolize death. Ex: Gatsby’s car that killed Myrtle was painted yellow.
Red Red in the novel symbolizes passion, death, and rage. Ex: Everything in Tom and Daisy’s house is red foreshadows the pain that they will cause others. When Tom hit Myrtle on the nose, she begins to cover towels in blood, thus displaying the symbolism of the color red. Gatsby’s blood is also described as red and clear after he had been killed out of rage and revenge.
Gray Gray in the novel symbolizes lifelessness and insignificance. Ex: The valley of ashes, Jordan’s eyes, and the interior of the taxi, are all described as gray.
White White symbolizes innocence and femininity in the novel. Ex: Daisy and Jordan both wear white, East Egg has white houses, Daisy’s Car in Louisville was white, steps up to Gatsby’s house were white.
Blue The color blue in the story symbolizes Gatsby’s dreams and relationships. Ex: The ocean between Gatsby and Daisy separating West and East egg was described as a “blue lawn”. Also, Gatsby’s garden and clothes were described as blue in the novel.

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