Great Gatsby Character Chart

Jay Gatsby handsome, throws great parties in West Egg,
Jay Gatsby Loves Daisy, shot dead by George Wilson
Jay Gatsby James Gatz
Nick Carraway narrator of the novel
Nick Carraway Gatsby’s neighbor, comes from a Mid-West, middle class family, went to school w. Tom, sells bonds, related to Daisy
Nick Carraway Dates Jordan, returns to Mid-West (home)
Tom and Daisy Buchanan come from “old money”
Tom Buchanan lives in East Egg, married to Daisy, having an affair w. Myrtle, athletic
Tom Buchanan tells George who owned the “death car”
Daisy Buchanan dated Gatsby when younger, beautiful and sophisticated
Daisy Buchanan Killed Myrtle in “death car” (daughter is Pam – irrelevant)
Jordan Baker childhood friend of Daisy, a professional golfer, likes Nick, beautiful, sophisticated
Jordan Baker doesn’t marry Nick
Myrtle Wilson comes rom a poor family, married to George, Tom’s girlfriend
Myrtle Wilson killed by Daisy, *****
George Wilson comes from a poor family an unsuccessful car mechanic, dejected and pathetic
George Wilson killed Gatsby and killed themselves
Meyer Wolfsheim Gatsby’s business associate; involved in illegal activities
Meyer Wolfsheim does not go to Gatsby’s funeral

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