Great Gatsby Chapters 5-6

Why does Gatsby deliver so many goods and services to Nick’s house? To prepare for the tea and Daisy coming over
Describe the effect of rain on the plot. The rain adds to the drama
Why does Gatsby offer Nick work? How does Nick feel about this? *offers Nick work because he knows he doesn’t make a lot of money *he doesn’t understand because he is just doing a favor for Gatsby
Explain the significance of the green light. It exemplifies Gatsby’s hopes and dreams
Why Gatsby get so many phone calls? What does this say about him? *he gets so many phone calls because he is involved in something *this says that Gatsby is keeping secrets and is a busy guy
Think of a time when you dreamed of getting something (an object, an award, a job, even a BF/Gf) How can the attainment of the goal be less satisfying than the pursuit of the goal? Is it worth it in the end? The journey is more rewarding than the attainment of the goal.
Gatsby finally met Daisy, yet he is afraid to talk to her first. Why? It has been 5 years since he has seen/talked to Daisy
Speculate why Gatsby, now that he is with Daisy, is described as “running down like an over-wound clock.” *He spent all this time in pursuit, now that he finally has her there he doesn’t want to lose the opportunity that is presented to him *He doesn’t want to mess anything up
Daisy cries into a pile of Gatsby’s shirts during the tour of his house. Why is she crying? Daisy is so happy with Gatsby. She is crying into the shirts because she is imagining what if, if she married Gatsby. she would have a husband who loves her.
How truthful was Gatsby when he relayed the story of his life to Nick? Why does Fitzgerald tell the story of Jay Gatz now? He was for the most part truthful. He spoke really quickly so that no one could question him in between. Fitzgerald tells us now because we as the readers can trust Nick and Gatsby finally found someone to trust.
Describe the meeting of Tom and Gatsby. What does this meeting reveal about them? The meeting reveals that Gatsby and Tom have tension. Tom knows that that is who Daisy has been with.
Why did Daisy and Tom find Gatsby’s party loathsome? They were separated from each other all night. All of the tension, cheating, background relationships are being revealed to us.
How does Gatsby measure the success of his party? He got to dance with Daisy
What is Gatsby’s real name? Jay Gatz
When Nick told Gatsby, “You can’t repeat the past,” Gatsby replied, “Why of course you can!” Do you agree with Nick or Gatsby? Yes and no because people and emotions change
More of Gatsby’s past is revealed in this chapter. It is effective that the truth is revealed after we have seen Gatsby’s present wealthy lifestyle, for it shows how Gatsby came to live in such a glamorous illusion. What truths do you learn about Gatsby in this chapter? *he was raised on a farm*he saved a wealthy man, Cody, off of a yacht and Cody raised him *he didn’t get any of the inheritance
Compare Jay Gatsby to the American Dream He was able to do what he wanted to do and ended up where he wanted to end up

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