Great Gatsby Chapter 7 Study Guide

Why does Gatsby stop giving parties? He is preoccupied by his love for Daisy, which is meant to lure her to him.
When does Tom first realize that Daisy loves Gatsby? When Gatsby and Daisy look into each other’s eyes and can’t look away.
Why is Myrtle Wilson upset when she sees Tom and Jordan? Tom and Jordan stop for gas and Myrtle mistakes Jordan for Daisy, and get extremely jealous.
Why does George Wilson lock Myrtle in the bedroom? He found out Myrtle has been having an affair, but doesn’t know who with. He locks her in a room and plains to leave with her in a few days.
Who is Walter Chase? How does Tom use his name to discredit Gatsby in front of Daisy? Walter Chase was a friend of Tom’s who was involved in bootlegging with Gatsby. Tom says that Gatsby was the one who let Walter get caught and imprisoned.
What effect does Pammy have on Gatsby? Why? She surprises him, she is out of harmony with his dream. He didn’t realize she was so real.
How does Gatsby characterize Daisy’s voice? What do you think he means by this? That her voice is full of money. She’s always had a privileged life and always will.
Why does Gatsby lose Daisy during the confrontation at the Plaza? Could he have done anything to win her, do you think? If he could have, why doesn’t he? She is more superficial than Gatsby’s romantic illusions. Tom then fills Daisy in on Gatsby’s shady business of earning money and her interest in Gatsby dwindles.
Why does Tom insist that Daisy go home with Gatsby? What do you think this tells us about Tom’s character and his relationship with Daisy? There has been a big argument between Tom and Gatsby. Gatsby tries to get Daisy to deny her love for Tom, she backs away and Gatsby gets upset. Tom tells her to go home with Gatsby to tell him his plan failed. Tom is a sore loser/winner and his relationship with Daisy is almost controlling.
Several people provide details about Myrtle’s death. What happened? Myrtle ran out in front of Gatsby’s car while Daisy was driving. She didn’t slow down and Daisy hit Myrtle and continued driving on.
What indications are there are the end of the chapter that Tom and Daisy are going to stay together despite his philandering and her love for Gatsby? People never divorced in this time, they mostly had affairs. Daisy maybe sad, but she’s more used to her relationship with Tom. She doesn’t know how to handle the loving relationship Gatsby could provide. The real Daisy is too vapid to end up with Gatsby.
At the end of the chapter, Gatsby is standing alone, looking out at Daisy’s house. Where else in the novel does he do this? How is this different? We see Gatsby do this when Nick first sees him. This time is different because Gatsby had his arms outstretched the first time, his hands are in his pockets now.

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