Great Gatsby Chapter 7

Why did Gatsby fire all his servants So that they would not gossip about him and Daisy
What does Daisy do while Tom is on phone in the other room? What does she tell Jordan to do?Why do you think she does this? * Daisy kisses Gatsby* She tells Jordan to kiss Nick* Becauase she wants to control Jordan
What kind of relationship does Daisy have with her daughter?Why is Gatsby suprised by the child’s existence * Daisy likes the baby because she can show it off.* He doesn’t realizze the past five years ever existed
What does Gatsby say that Daisy’s voice is full off?Why> * Money* Because money is something he wants
Why does Wilson suddenly need money from Tom? * Wilson wants to move to the West
How does the weather contribut to the mood of this Chapter?What could the weather symbolize? * The Fall is the end of summer and the parties for the rich have in the Hamptons.* It is also the end of Gatsby’s life
What does Daisy tell Gatsby that catches him off guard?What was he expecting to hear? * She tells him that she loves both him and her husband* He was expecting to hear that she wanted only him
As they are leaving the hotel, what milestone does Nick remember that he had forgotten in all the excitment?What is the significance of this? *It’s his 30th birthday..he starts to think that now he’ll for sure be alone forever and it’s the beginning of a new decade of thinning hair, briefcases, * getting old alone
Who does Tom believe killed Myrtle?What really happened? * Tom believes Wilson killed Myrtle in a panic,* Gatsby, Daisy hit her with his car on the way home
Who is watching over the incidents in the valley of ashes?Of whom is this symbolic? * Dr. TJ Eckleburg.* God
As Gatsby and Nick arrive at Buchanan’s house, the scene is nearly identical to a much earlier scene in the novel. Daisy and Jordan are sitting on the couch in their white dresses and TOm is on the hall telephone talking to his girl. What does the repetition of this scene suggest? t’s kind of saying..things are the same but yet they aren’t..they chose to ignore to what’s happened Gatsby DiedMyrtle DiedGeorge Wilson DiedDaisy admits she loved both Tom and GatsbyGatsby goes crazy, Tom confronts him
Why does Wilson suddenly need money from Tom?

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