Great Gatsby chapter 6

What is Gatsby’s real name? He is James Gatz from North Dakota.
How old was Gatsby when he changed his name? 17 years old
Why do you think Gatsby changed his name? He did not want to be poor anymore, so he reinvented himself.
who was Dan Cody? He was a copper tycoon, and he was also Gatsby’s former employer.
What job did Dan Cody give to Gatsby? Personal assistant. …he was also a secretary, a skipper, and Gatsby also had to watch over Dan Cody when he was drunk.
What did Gatsby inherit from Cody? He inherited $25,000 but he never received the money.
When Gatsby and Nick were visiting with each other, who came to visit? Tom and another couple.
At the visit Gatsby invites them to dinner. How could this be a problem? Gatsby has never been alone with Tom and Daisy. Tom could discover Gatsby is in love with Daisy.
What does Tom want to know about Gatsby? He wants to know who he is and what he does.
How does Daisy respond to Tom’s question about Gatsby? Tom says that he thinks Gatsby is a bootlegger, Daisy says that is not true.
On page 109, Gatsby is concerned that Daisy does not like something. What does he think she does not like? The party
Gatsby wishes that Daisy would tell Tome something. What does he want her to tell Tom? Tell Tom that she never loved him
Nick tells Gatsby that he cannot repeat the past. How does Gatsby respond to that? He said that you can repeat the past
How could Gatsby wanting to recreate the past end up causing a problem? You can not create the past, but Gatsby is a dreamer and thinks he is God and is always in control.
How did James Gatz become Jay Gatsby? when he met Dan Cody he changed his name because he no longer wanted to be the poor boy from North Dakota.

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