Great Gatsby – CHAPTER 5 SUMMARY

As Nick returned home why did he think that his house might be on fire? the whole corner of the peninsula was blazing with light
What new does Nick have for Gatsby when he crosses over to his house at night? he is going to call Daisy and invite her over
When Gatsby refers to having the grass cut how does Nick interpret that? cutting Nick’s grass
How does Nick take Gatsby’s side-line job offer? he declined the offer
When Nick calls Daisy for a visit what does he tell her? to NOT bring Tom
How does Daisy react to Nick’s request to not bring Tom for the visit? she asked “Who is Tom”?; she acted like she didn’t know him
What was Gatsby wearing when he arrived at Sock’s for the visit with Daisy? white flannel suit, silver shirt and gold-colored tie
What us Daisy’s chauffeur’s name? Ferdie
As Gatsby moves near the mantle he hits Nick’s what? Clock
When Daisy says to Gatsby that she hadn’t seen him for years what is his quick response? 5 years next November
When Gatsby hails Nick into the kitchen what does he say about this visit? this is a terrible mistake
When Nick returns to the house after killing time outside Gatsby asks him to do {what} with Daisy and him? come over to the house
Why did Gatsby have to earn the money to buy his house? He lost most of it in the big panic – the panic of the war
What does Gatsby answer when Daisy wonders how he lives alone in that big house? He says that he keeps it always full of interesting people night and day
As Gatsby gives Daisy and Nick a tour of his house who do they find in one of the rooms doing exercises? Mr. Klipspringer
As Gatsby gives his tour of his bedroom he opens his closet full of clothes which he says he gets form {where.} a man from England
Gatsby pointed out across the bay where her house would be and he sees {this} all the time from the end of her dock a green light
Who was Dan Cody? he used to be Gatsby’s best friend
Gatsby calls upon Klipspringer to do {what} play the piano
At the end of Chapter 5 what does Nick do as Daisy and Gatsby stare at each other? He left them there together

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