Great Gatsby Chapter 2 Questions

The description of the “valley of ashes” opens Chapter Two. On a literal level, what is the valley of ashes? What might it represent on a symbolic level? The valley of ashes is the railroads, houses and chimneys.On a symbolic level it represents absolute poverty and hopelessness.
How is Tom Buchanan like Myrtle Wilson and Daisy Buchanan like George Wilson physically and in personality? Tom Buchanan is like Myrtle Wilson because they are both cheaters and do not truly love their partners. They are also alike because they are both thick. George Wilson and Daisy are alike because the are both beautiful in face, slim in body, and very soft in character.
In what way does Fitzgerald indicate that Myrtle Wilson is not an intellectual? Myrtle is convinced that she is truly loved by Tom and he would leave his wife for her.
At the party in the apartment, what social classes are represented and by whom? The Upper Class is represented by TomMiddle Class is Represented by Nick, Mr. and Mrs. McKeeLower Class is represented by Myrtle
In what way is the party in the apartment differ from the dinner at the Buchanan’s’ in Chapter One? In what way is it similar? The party is different because it is more wild and people are drunk. It is not as proper. It is similar because they are signs of abuse by Tom. The difference is it is done in front of everybody to Myrtle because he has less respect for her.
Notice how often and in what context Doctor Eckleburg’s eyes are mentioned. What may be the significance of these eyes? It is mentioned when we are talking about the ashes.
Do you think Tom will leave Daisy for Myrtle? No, I do not believe Tom will leave Daisy for Myrtle. He only wants her to use. He treats her badly and even though he abuses Daisy also he does not do it in public. Also, while Myrtle is talking about how she made a mistake to marry Mr. Wilson, Tom does not say it is a mistake that he married Daisy.

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