Great Gatsby Ch.9

Why does Nick feel responsible for getting people to the funeral? Why do you suppose Wolfsheim reacts the way he does? -Nick was Gatsby’s friend–like his only friend. Nobody else cared about him but Nick.-Wolfsheim acts the way he does because he’s a business man and can’t risk a bad outcome on his business if he went to the funeral. I’m sure he cared, but he’s firstly a man of enterprise, not friendship.
What does young Jimmy Gatz’s daily schedule say about him? It says Jimmy was working to be better, it says self improvement was very important to him. He was serious about it, he had goals.
Is Nick surprised that Daisy has not sent a message or flowers? Are you? He’s not really surprised. At this point I think Nick expected it because that’s just who Daisy is. That’s how all of them are. They only care about themselves and disappear the minute it gets hard.
Nick’s fantastic dream involves El Greco figures. What is the dream, and what might this dream represent in regard to Nick’s present feelings about the East? The dream is about cold houses and 4 men carrying a drunk woman on a stretcher and they turn into the wrong house because nobody knows who she is and nobody cares about her. It shows us that Nick thinks the East is very cold, uncaring, and heartless.
What shocking piece of information does Nick receive in his chance meeting with Tom? What is Nick’s final feeling about Tom and Daisy? -Tom sent George Wilson. -They are careless people who smash up things and creatures and then retreat back into their money or their vast carelessness and let others clean up they mess they made. He can’t forgive them or hate them because that’s the way they are and they won’t ever change.
In the last four paragraphs, Nick makes the symbol of the green light very concrete. What does the green light symbolize? The green light symbolizes the orgastic future that’s so close and the same time so far away, because people work toward it but it eludes them because they get stuck in the past.
Keeping the last few paragraphs in mind, what does the last sentence in the story mean? “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” People try so hard to move on towards the future but it’s like they just keep falling back into the past and wanting to relive it. People aren’t moving forwards and keep returning to the dreams of their past.

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