Great Gatsby ch. 8 questions

why was the young Gatsby drawn to Daisy? She was desired by many other men. She was nice to him. He liked the “glamor” of her house.
What is the cause of the problem between Jordan and Nick? Their romance is dead. Never really liked each other.
In what context do Dr. Eckleburg’s eyes appear in this chapter? Wilson believe they are literally the eyes of God.
When Wilson disappears for three hours, where do you guess he might have gone? Wilson could be going to Gatsby’s.
Gatsby asks the groundskeeper not to drain the pool. Why? In light of what happens at the very end of this chapter, how is this exchange symbolically meaningful? He wants to take a swim since he hadn’t all summer. Holding onto summer or Daisy.
How can Wilson’s actions at the end of this chapter be explained? Wilson shot Gatsby and himself. He thought Myrtle was cheating on him with Gatsby and he had killed Myrtle.
What were Nick’s final significant words to Gatsby? Why is this a fitting goodbye? He had complimented him. “They’re a rotten crowd, you’re worth the whole damn bunch.” He wants to be accepted in that elite crowd that are horrible and selfish.

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