great gatsby ch 8

Why is the young Gatsby drawn to Daisy? Because she’s beautiful, she’s the 1st “nice” girl he had known, he loves her house, how she lives, and the fact that men already loved her increased her worth. Like she was a prize or stock.
In what way is Gatsby’s uniform an “invisible cloak”? In an army officer’s uniform all men look socially equal. It makes him look like everybody else and nobody can tell if he’s rich or poor, including Daisy.
As he is leaving, why does Nick say to Gatsby, “They’re a rotten crowd…You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together”? Because Nick is disgusted by them. They aren’t worth the trouble and headache they’ve brought Gatsby with their selfishness and drama. He’s better than them.
What is the casue of the problem between Jordan and Nick? Nick is getting tired of her because she’s just like Daisy and Tom and after last night with all the commotion he’s sick of all of them.
In what context do Dr. Eckleburg’s eyes appear in this chapter? George points them out to Myrtle right before she dies. They appear as the eyes of God.
When Wilson disappears for three hours, where do you guess he might have gone? He probably met with Tom who told him Gatsby owned the car that killed Myrtle and that he had the affair with her.
How can Wilson’s actions at the end of this chapter be explained? He thought Gatsby killed Myrtle and had an affair with her because Tom told him so her shot Gatsby and killed himself because he couldn’t live with it.

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