Great Gatsby Ch. 4-6 Comprehension

How does Wolfsheim mourn the passing of the Metropole The Metropole is the place where he lost his friend
Why does Gatsby call Nick “old sport” Gatsby attempts to use the language that people from Old Money use, attempting to be someone who he is not
What does Gatsby admire about Jordan Gatsby admires the fact that Jordan is so close to Daisy, this is ironic due to the fact that Gatsby is the one who is yearning to be close to Daisy
Why does Gatsby want Daisy to see his house Gatsby wants to show Daisy that he is extremely successful now, seeing that his lack of success is what kept him and Daisy apart before the war.
What does the gold tie and silver shirt say about Gatsby? It shows that Gatsby is interested in looking as if he is wealthy (which he is), and he is attempting to show off. It also says that Gatsby doesn’t know how to match his clothes.
What is the story about how Gatsby’s house was built? Gatsby’s house was built with the money that it took him three years to SAVE. This is significant because it is a contradictory statement to when Gatsby told Nick that his money runs in the family
Gatsby tells Daisy that his house is full of famous and interesting people. Does he really believe this? There may be famous people in Gatsby’s house, however he is only interested in Daisy and what she has to offer. So in his eyes, there is no one else there but Daisy.
Jordan Baker Description “… she left a borrowed car out in the rain with the top down, and then lied about it…”
Daisy Buchanan Description “It was the kind of voice that the ear follows up and down, as if each speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again.”
What does Gatsby reply with when Daisy says “we have not met for many years.” ? Gatsby says, “Five years next November.”
Where is the garage located? In the gas station
Who is “the boarder” The boarder is Klipsinger
Who is Meyer Wolfsheim? He is a business associate of Gatsby’s who supposedly fixed the 1919 World Series.
Which is not a fact provided by Gatsby concerning his background? He was educated at OxfordHis parents died and left him wealthyHe lived like a young Rajah in the capitals of EuropeHe is in love with Daisy
What is interesting about Gatsby’s opinion of Jordan? Gatsby, unlike many, trusts Jordan
Why does Gatsby want to have Nick’s lawn cut? The lawn cutting is repayment for asking Daisy over to Gatsby’s.
Why does Gatsby say he is going to go home right before lunch at Nick’s? He is nervous that Daisy will not come to meet him at Nick’s house.
Why do they end up going to Gatsby’s house later? Gatsby wants to show Daisy his house and his wealth
What did Gatsby say that contradicted how he earned his money? At first, Gatsby said that he inherited his wealth. However, he then states that he had to work for three years to earn the money to build it.
What is Gatsby’s real name and history? Gatsby was a farm boy from North Dakota and his real name was Jay Gatz
What did Dan Cody do for Gatsby? Gatsby was Cody’s personal assistant. He showed Gatsby how the wealthy lived.
What is Daisy’s opinion of Gatsby’s party? She doesn’t like it and from that point on Gatsby decides to not throw anymore parties.
Why does Tom immediately sense that Gatsby is a bootlegger? Many of the people at the party were New Money, and at the time, this is how people got rich quick.

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