Great Gatsby Ch.4

Looking through the list of party-goers, find and paraphrase at least three pieces of evidence that the old money is in East Egg and the new money in West Egg? 1. Mr. and Mrs. Blackbuck’s look down on everyone (East Egg is snobby)2. Old American names and they are people known from Yale (Stonewall Jackson)3. West Egg are movie and entertainment people and have ethnic names
What is weird about Nick’s drive into New York with Gatsby? List at least three things about Gatsby in this scene that strike you as odd. -Gatsby tells Nick about his past, but his past seems very improbable.1. Gatsby overshares his background2. He emphasizes the fact that he went to Oxford3. He said he was from the Midwest4. Gatsby is carrying around a metal from the war
What two things does Nick see on/near the Queensboro Bridge that make him think that Gatsby is, perhaps, telling the truth? 1. Funeral procession headed to New York2. Limousine with 2 different African American men/women with a white driver
Who is Meyer Wolfsheim, and what do we know about him? -Meyer Wolfsheim is a gangster involved with alcohol who Nick wanted to learn the bonds trade from.
Gatsby disappears when which other character unexpectedly arrives at lunch? Take a guess as to why Gatsby doesn’t want to see this character. He disappears when Tom arrives because he is love with Daisy.
Jordan recalls the time in 1917 when she saw Gatsby and Daisy together. From Jordan’s description, do you think Daisy was genuinely interested in Gatsby? She genuinely liked Gatsby, but married Tom because she felt lonely.
How does Daisy behave the night before her wedding? Why? She gets drunk and tries to throw away an expensive pearl necklace that Tom got her.
Who, do you suppose, sent the letter that caused Daisy to become so upset? What do you think the letter may have said? Gatsby sent the letter declaring his love for Daisy.
Nick says, “Then it had not been merely the stars to which he had aspired on that June night” when Nick first spotted Gatsby reaching out across the bay. What does Nick now realize about that night and about Gatsby’s real estate purchase? Gatsby was reaching out towards Daisy and longing for her. He bought the mansion on the water because Daisy is close to him this way

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