Great Gatsby 3-4

Describe gatsby’s wealth. Gatsby has an enormous mansion, he owns a rolls royce, has weekend parties with an abundant amount of liquor food, and orchestras
What kind of people come to Gatsby’s parties rich superficial people most of whom did not even know Gatsby, they are also careless and reckless people
Why did nick caraway go to the party? What makes nick different than most of the people at Gatsby’s party Gatsby has his chauffeur invite nick with a formal note, He was actually invited unlike many of the other guest
How does nick meet Gatsby A man comes up to nick and starts to talk to him. Then this unknown man later mentions that he is Gatsby
What does Gatsby repeatedly call nick old sport
What are some of the stories about Gatsby he killed a man, he is a german spy, he grew up in Germany, and he went to oxford
what has got the man with the owl-eyed spectacles so intrigued that al the books are real, unlike many wealthy people back in the day that used to use fake, cardboard copies of books, Gatsby had all real ones
what does the reaction of the drivers of the wrecked automobile suggest about the values of Gatsby’s guests They are careless
what does nick vaguely remember about Jordan baker she cheated at a gold tourney which led to a scandal
who is klipspringer the boarder of Gatsby’s mansion
what does Gatsby tell nick about himself Gatsby says he inherited a large sum of money from his family, he went to oxford and fought in the war
What matter did Gatsby have Jordan Baker discuss with nick Gatsby asked Jordan to ask nick if he would have Daisy over one day, this way she will indirectly see Gatsby’s huge mansion and Gatsby will also have a chance to see daisy face to face
Who is Mr. Wolfshiem he is a racketeer and a business associate of Gatsby. he fixed the world series in 1919
What does Mr. Wolshiem tell nick about gatsby that gatsby is a true gentlemen, a man you want to take home to mother and sister
what does jordan tell nick about daisy, gatsby, and tom Daisy and gatsby had an earlier romance, her parent wouldn’t let her see him after the war then she married tom and went away on a long honey moon to south seas, Tom also gave her a strand of earls valued at 350,000
what information further develops the character of tom buchanan tom had a mistress shortly after he married Daisy
at their meeting in a hotel in New york, Nick learns from Jordan Baker something of Daisy’s past. Why, if daisy had once loved gatsby, had she not married him she did no marry him because her parents would not let her see him after the war, Once he left she met Tom shortly after and married him
what happened right before her wedding to Tom Buchanan that made Daisy want to back out She recited a letter and got intoxicated and said she was going to call off the wedding.
Vengeance, revenge retribution
fat, plump corpulent
recklessly, extravagant, profuse prodigality
disturbing, confusing, alarming disconcerting
precise and exact details, meticulous punctilious
hind or a suggestion innuendo

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