Great Gatsby

Why did Nick Carraway come to the East? He wanted to learn the bond business.
Why do Daisy and Tom invite Nick to dinner? Nick is Daisy’s cousin and he went to college with Tom.
How does Daisy respond to the phone calls from Tom’s “woman in New York?” She pretends she doesn’t know about it and continues her conversation.
Why doesn’t Nick call to Gatsby when Nick first spots him on the lawn? He thought that Gatsby wanted to be alone, it looked that way.
Why does “white ashen dust” veil Mr. Wilson’s “dark suit and his pale hair?” It represents his innocence about his wife Myrtle having an affair with Tom.
According to Catherine, why has Tom not left Daisy to marry Myrtle? Catherine says that Tom does want to leave her, but can’t because she is Catholic and doesn’t believe in divorce, but that is a lie.
Why does Nick identify with “the casual watcher in the darkening street?” Since Nick was drunk, his mind was all over the place and switching from one thing to another.
What does Tom’s breaking of Myrtle’s nose indicate about his respect for her and for Daisy? It shows his lack of respect for women and belief that women are below men.
Why does Gatsby throw huge, expensive parties for people he doesn’t know? He wants people to know his name, but more importantly, he wants Daisy to notice him.
What does the reaction of the drivers of the wrecked automobile suggest about the values of Gatsby’s guests? Owl Eyes said he had been drunk for a week, which suggests that his guests have very few morals and not much character.
What do Jordan’s leaving a borrowed car out in the rain with the top down and her golf scandal reveal about her? They reveal that she is dishonest and how she thinks everyone uses her. It also reveals that she has a willingness to use people and forget the consequences.
What does Nick see as his “cardinal virtue?” He sees that his cardinal virtue is “I am one of the few honest people I have ever known.”
Why does Gatsby show Nick the medal from Little Montenegro? He wants Nick to believe his stories.
What is the importance of Gatsby’s connection with Meyer Wolfsheim? It shows how Gatsby got his money.
What was Gatsby’s original relationship with Daisy? Gatsby was a lieutenant and flirted with Daisy when they were younger.
Why does Nick agree to arrange a meeting between Daisy and Gatsby? Nick had learned a lot about their past relationship and he wanted to make Gatsby happy.
Why does Gatsby act “like a little boy” when Daisy first arrives at Nick’s? He had always dreamed of seeing her again and he got very shy and uncomfortable, but at the same time he was very giddy.
After his private conversation with Daisy, how has Gatsby changed? Gatsby looked much happier and he was glowing.
While taking Nick and Daisy through his house, what does Gatsby do that causes Daisy to “cry stormily?” Daisy sees all of Gatsby’s shirts and says, “It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such beautiful shirts before.” (Fitzgerald 92)
Why does James Gatz of North Dakota row out to Dan Cody’s yacht? He warns him about an impending storm.
What happened to Gatsby’s $25,000 inheritance from Dan Cody? His mistress prevented him from claiming it.
Why do Tom and the Sloanes snub Gatsby after asking him to dinner? The Sloanes were just using Gatsby as a pit stop.
After the party, when Gatsby tells Nick, “It’s hard to make [Daisy] understand,” what does he really want her to do? He really wants Daisy to tell Tom that she never loved him and to be with Gatsby.
Why does Gatsby look at the Buchanans child Pammy “with surprise,” having never “really believed in its existence before?” It made him feel like Tom and Daisy were going to be linked to each other forever.
How does Daisy reveal to Tom that she is in love with Gatsby? Daisy reveals her feelings to Gatsby, but not directly to Tom.
Why does Wilson lock up his wife in anticipation of taking her West? He found out that she was having an affair with Tom and he got very angry with her.
Why does Tom’s recollection of “that day I carried you down from the punch bowl to keep your shoes dry” remove “the rancor” from Daisy’s voice? She remembered a time when they actually loved each other.
Why does Tom press Gatsby about his dealings with Wolfsheim? He thinks Gatsby got his money by being a bootlegger and he shames him for it.
After running Myrtle down, why doesn’t Daisy stop the car? She was so panicked she couldn’t stop.
Why had Gatsby fallen in love with Daisy? She represented everything he wanted in his life.
Why had Daisy married Tom? She married him because he had money.
Why, after first admitting to himself that Daisy “might have loved [Tom] just for a minute” does Gatsby say “it was just personal?” This convinces the reader that he is a platonic conception of himself.
Why does no one come to Gatsby’s funeral except his father, Owl Eyes, and Nick? Tom and Daisy didn’t come because they left town to avoid any investigation into Myrtle’s and Gatsby’s death.
What are Tom’s motives in telling Wilson that Gatsby owned the death car? Tom never liked Gatsby because Daisy loved Gatsby instead of him.
Why does Nick say that he cannot forgive or like Tom? Tom was responsible for Gatsby’s death and Gatsby was really the only person that Nick liked.
Why does Nick decide to come back home to the Middle West? He doesn’t like the East and he thinks that the people are shallow and brutal. He doesn’t want to be associated with them anymore.

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