Grapes of Wrath Quiz/Test Questions

One of the primary reasons people are leaving their farms is this one:A. It’s winterB. Too little rainC. GrasshoppersD. Too much rain B. Too little rain
How many years was Tom in jail?A. NoneB. OneC. FourD. TenE. Twelve C. Four
How did Tom get out of jail?A. EscapedB. Finished his sentenceC. ParoledD. Governor’s pardonE. Was never in jail C. Paroled
What crime did Tom commit to end up in jail? A. Killed a manB. RobberyC. ExtortionD. Tax invasionE. driving under the influence of alcohol A. Killed a man
On his way home, why did Tom’s feet hurt?A. Old shoesB. New shoesC. No shoesD. Mistreatment in prisonE. Sprained ankle B. New shoes
True/FalseTwo cars swerve to avoid hitting a turtle. False. One car swerved to avoid hitting it. The other car swerved to hit it.
After his ride in the truck, Tom meets a man while walking home. What was that man’s name?A. JoanB. ErnieC. CasyD. ThomasE. John C. Casy
Tom remembers the man he met on the way home well. What was the man’s line of work when Tom knew him years ago?A. TeacherB. PreacherC. LawyerD. CarpenterE. Farmer B. Preacher
The man Tom meets on his way home says he can’t do the same work anymore because he’s lost hisA. FarmB. LicenseC. Feeling in his left handD. SpiritE. Tools D. Spirit
True/FalseTom is afraid one or more members of his family may be dead when he finds the farm is deserted. True
A third man joins Tom and his companion at his deserted house. What do the men eat?A. TurtleB. SnakeC. ChickenD. BeansE. Rabbit E. Rabbit
True/FalseWhile on his way to find his family, to hide from the authorities, Tom sleeps in a cave. False. Tom slept outside on the sand. Muley slept in the cave.
Dust was so heavy in the climate that people had to often remain where? In their home
Because of the dust the people had to wear handkerchiefs over their faces, along with what else? Goggles for their eyes
What crop suffered because of the dust? Corn
The opening of the novel does not concentrate on characters because the author wanted to show what? The setting and an important time in history
In the begging of the story, a man approaches a diner where this is parked? A large red transport truck
What is the name of the company that the truck parked in front of the diner? Oklahoma City Transport Company
What is peculiar about the clothes the man wears as he approaches the diner in the beginning of the novel? They don’t quite fit him
What favor does the man ask of the truck driver? For a ride
What implies that the man’s request of the driver is out of line? The sign on the truck says “no riders”.
What trick does the man use on the driver of the truck to make him accept ham as a rider? He makes him feel guilty
What is the name of the man who asks for a ride from the truck driver? Tom Joad
The truck driver claims that truck drivers do some strange things to fill the time, like writing what? Poetry
The truck driver says he has spent his time driving training himself to do what? Remembering everything about a person he meets
What does Tom admit to the truck driver about his past? He has been released from prison for homicide
Which prison was Tom in? McAlester
How many years was Tom sentenced to prison? Seven
How many years did Tom serve in prison and why? Only four because he was released for good behavior.
The Joad’s home state isA. OklahomaB. TexasC. IdahoD. Ohio A. Oklahoma
In Chapter 3, what is crawling along the side if the road? A turtle
What happens to the turtle when it is almost hit by a car? It is flipped on its back
If the crawling turtle is a metaphor, what does it seem to represent in the novel? The working class farmers
When Tom Joad gets out of the truck to head home, what does he find in the roadside? A turtle
Who does Tom meet when he stops to rest on his journey home? Jim Casy
What is Jim Casy doing when he meets Tom? He is singing “Jesus is My Savior”.
What was the label that Jim Casy has from his former profession? A Burning Busher
Why can’t the turtle be kept as a pet? They eventually go off on their own.
Why does Casy say he left the ministry? He too often gave into temptation.
Who were the Joads living with at the beginning of the novel?A. Tom JoadB. Jim CasyC. Uncle JohnD. John Steinbeck C. Uncle John
Why does Uncle John do random acts of kindness?A. He blames himself for his wife’s death after he refused to get her a doctor. B. He feels bad that he ran over a dog and wants to make up for it. C. He is a nice guy. D. He lost his home in a dust storm and wants to help others who are going through a tough time. A. He blames himself for his wife’s death after he refused to get her a doctor.
Tom has this many siblings: A. ThreeB. FourC. FiveD. Six C. FiveNoah, Rose of Sharon, Al, Ruthie, Winfield
Al chose this automobile because, being a popular model, it would be easier to find parts for:A. PackardB. Pierce-ArrowC. HudsonD. DeSoto C. Hudson
Steinbeck derived his title “Grapes of Wrath” from which of the following:A. Francis Scott Key’s “The Star -Spangled Banner”B. Julia Ward Howe’s “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”C. Katherine Lee Bates and Samuel Ward’s “America the Beautiful”D. Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” B. Battle Hymn of the Republic
Excluding Casy, how many Members of the Joad clan set out for California? A. TenB. ElevenC. TwelveD. Thirteen C. TwelveGrandpa, Gramma, Ma, Pa, Uncle John, Noah, Tom, Rose of Sharon, Connie, Al, Ruthie, Winfield
Which of following is not one of the deceitful tactics of the used-car salesman?A. A paint restorer that returns a car to its original luster B. A pill that increase gas mileage by as much as ten miles a gallonC. A free tank of gas with very car purchaseD. A number of forged hand-written testimonials pinned to the office wall from satisfied customers. D. A number of forged hand-written testimonials pinned to the office wall from satisfied customers
Uncle John is filled with guilt and remorse when his wife dies after he fails to take er cries of pain seriously and refuse to take her to a doctor immediately. Which of following is the cause of her death? A. A brain aneurismB. A burst appendixC. A ruptured spleenD. A stomach tumour B. A burst appendix
Noah’s psychological growth was seriously compromised whenA. At a young age he was kicked in the head by a horseB. He became involved in a quarrel, his rival hitting him over the head and knocking him unconscious. C. He fell into an abandoned well, remaining undiscovered for two days. D. Pa, attempting to help in his birth, grabbed Noah’s head, tugging and pulling so hard that he twisted it out of shape. D. Pa, attempting to help in his birth, grabbed Noah’s head, tugging and pulling so hard he twisted it out of shape.
Muley Graves cannot leave the land because he is too attached to it, remembering that his father died in the land, his blood making a dark spot on the ground. How did Muley’s father die? A. He was shot by Indians, an arrow piercing his heartB. He was hired to death by a bullC. He was shot by Willy Feeley, a deputy, when he refused to leave the land. D. He was struck by a tractor when he tried to prevent the tractor from bulldozing the house. B. He was gored to death by a bull
Character who makes the following statement: “Like a damn ok’ graveyard ghos’ …. I been sneak in’ arou’ like a ok’ graveyard ghos’.” A. Sairy WilsonB. Muley GravesC. Grampa JoadD. Gramma Joad B. Muley Graves
Tom, in his reference to his Uncle John, says that when he wanted he “wanted pork, he et pork.” Explain the situation that prompts atom to make this statement about his uncle. Uncle John had a craving for pork, and offered Pa six bales of wire for a shoat (young pig). Uncle John tried to eat the whole pig, but could only eat half, and became so sick of pork that he left the rest to Pa. somPa got the best of the bargain, getting not only the rest of the pork, but also the six bales of wire. (Chapter 4).
The used-car car salesmen use a number of dishonest techniques to deceive the migrant-farmers into buying their dilapidated jalopies.What were those tactics? 1. They put sawdust in the gear- box to deaden the noise of metal scraping against metal. 2. They replace a good battery with an old battery while the customer signs the purchase agreement. 3. They claim to have a pill that will increase gas mileage by ten miles a gallon. 4. They rotate tires so that the bald spots are hidden from view. 5. They charge exorbitant prices for their jalopies and buy the horses and farm machinery of the farmers for far less than their market value. 6. They use illegal “bait and switch” advertising, offering the car at a special,price, then claiming that the car has been sold, leads the prospective buyer to other higher priced cars on the lot. Trap customers on the lot. 7. Focus their attention on the women, knowing if they can convince her to buy, the husband will follow her decision. 8. They have a pen and contract ready so that the buyer will not have an opportunity to change his mind before he signs the contract.
Tom Joad is surprised when he arrives at the old homestead to see the gate is open. Why? Ma never left the gate open after Milly Jacobs made the mistake of leaving the gate open when she went to the barn to do some chores. When Milly returned, she was horrified to find a big sow (female pig) had escaped through the gate and killed her baby, eating the baby. (Chapter 6).
How do the Joads finally succeed in getting Grampa to leave the homestead and begin the journey with them to California? Ma laced his coffee with cough syrup and waited until Grampa fell into a stupor. The Joads then gently lifted him not the truck to let him sleep. (Chapter 10).
Tom’s nickname in prison was “Jesus Meek”. Why was Tom given this nickname? Tom opened a Christmas card from Gramma in front of other inmates. One of the lines on the card was “Jesus meek and Jesus mild”. The card was intended for a child, not an adult. Gramma chose the card for its color and glitter, not its verse. (Chapter 4).
Uncle John became a different man when this member of his family died:A. WifeB. BrotherC. SonD. DaughterE. Mothe A. Wife
As Tom enters the yard, he sees this person working on the truck:A. JohnB. NoahC. PaD. Winfield E. Granpa C. Pa
When they first see Tom, most family members think heA. Escaped prisonB. Was pardonedC. Was paroled D. Should go backE. Is a ghost A. Escaped prison
How much money do the Joads have for the trip?A. $50B. $150C. $500D. $800E. $1,000 B. $150
Al is most proud that his brother TomA. Is homeB. Broke out of jailC. Killed a manD. Is wiseE. Takes care of Ma C. Killed a man
Al is disappointed that Tom neverA. Is homeB. Broke out of jailC. Killed a manD. Is wiseE. Takes care of Ma B. Broke out of jail
The expert on the vehicle is A. JohnB. AlC. PaD. TomE. noah B. Al
The used car salesmen A. Smiled a lotB. Cheated customersC. We’re excited about making moneyD. All of the aboveE. None of the above D. All of the above
Before the family leaves the house, these are killedA. ChickensB. CowsC. LambsD. DogsE. All of the aboveF. None of the above F. None if the above. Shoats (pigs) were killed
The morning they leave, the Joads give Granpa “soothing sirup” to substitute forA. MilkB. GrapesC. WineD. WaterE. Whiskey E. Whiskey
The Okies took this highway west: A. Route 22B. Route 33C. Route 44D. Route 55E. Route 66 E. Route 66
Al is approximately how old? 16
Tom is approximately how old? 24
Casy is approximately how old?A. 8B. 16C. 24D. 32E. 40 E. 40
Noah is approximately how old?A. 8B. 16C. 24D. 32E. 40 D. 32
Winfield is approximately how old?A. 8B. 16C. 24D. 32E. 40 A. 8
True/FalseThe owner if the gas station refuses to give the Joads any gas. False.
True/FalseThe owner of the gas station charges the Joads for water False
When the dog gets run over, Winfield A. CriesB. DiesC. ScreamsD. Hugs the dogE. Gets sick E. Gets sick
Why does Rose of Sharon become scared after seeing the family dog killed?A. She loved the dogB. She thinks it will have a negative effect on her unborn babyC. It reminds her of how Tom killed a manD. She thinks it’s a bad omen about their move to California B. She thinks it will have a negative effect on her unborn baby.
Granpa’s illness is diagnosed asA. MalnourishmentB. Heart attackC. Brain injuryD. StrokeE. Old age D. Stroke
Which traveler in the Joad vehicle seems to know the most about physical illnesses?A. JohnB. NoahC. WinfieldD. TomE. Casy E. Casy
Granpa’s body is A. Buried in a county cemeteryB. Buried in a town cemetery C. Buried near the roadD. Donated to a medical schoolE. Cremated C. Buried near the road
True/FalseAccording to the author, poor people are less likely than rich people to unite against forces that threaten them. False (Chapter 14)
According to the author, when desperate, poor people use this expression, the rich are in danger:A. You stole my landB. I lost my landC. They stole my landD. We lost our land E. We shall overcome D. We lost our land (Chapter 14)
Mae, the waitress at the roadside restaurant, prefers these customers above the rest:A. Wealthy peopleB. TruckersC. PoliceD. Okies / migrants E. Children B. Truckers. They leave good tips.
Mae believes these people steal: A. Okies / migrantsB. TruckersC. PoliceD. Wealthy people E. Children D. Wealthy people
Mae and Al, who see all walks of life, are most critical of people from this socio-economic class:A. WealthyB. Middle classC. Desperate, unemployed poorD. Working poorE. Trades people (carpenters, plumbers, electricians). A. Wealthy people
According to Pa, the journey from Oklahoma to California is approximately this many miles:A. 1000 milesB. 1500 mikesC. 2000 miles D. 2500 miles C. 2000 miles
Tom killed him, flattening his head with a shovel after he attacked Tom in a jealous rage:A. Herb TurnbullB. Floyd KnowlesC. Wilkie WallaceD. Timothy Wallace A. Herb Turnbull
She sold the migrant father two peppermint sticks for a penny even though they were nickel apiece candy:A. SalB. AllieC. Tina D. Mae D. Mae
When Granpa dies, Tom chooses a verse from the Old Testament book on the suggestion of Sairy Wilson, because according to Sairy, “You kin always get somepin outa _______”. A. PsalmsB. JudgesC. ProverbsD. Wisdom A. Psalms
The Joads crossed this desert into Bakersfield, traveling at night to avoid the heat of the day:A. The Sonoran desertB. The Mohave desertC. The Great Basin desertD. The Colorado desert B. Mojave desert
When Tom suggests that the family go on ahead while he and Al fix the Wilson’s car, Ma threatens Pa with this if he agrees to separate the family:A. An iron barB. A jack handleC. A rolling pinD. A cast iron skillet B. A jack handle
Using it as a symbol of greed, Casy tells the gas station owner that “they’d someoin worse’n the devil got hold a the country, an’ it ain’t gonna let go till it’s chopped loose.” To which of the following is Casy referring?A. Pit bullB. Tarantula C. Emperor ScorpionD. Gilda Monster D. Gila Monster
The Wilsons’ first names are:A. Vincent and RuthB. Vance and HagarC. Isaac and LeahD. Ivy and Sarah D. Ivy and Sarah (Sairy)
True/FalseWhen engine trouble develops, Al fears he may be blamed for it. True
Who “revolts” against Tom’s plan to send the family ahead to California in the car? A. PaB. Ma C. AlD. Connie E. Noah B. Ma
While the two of them are taking the engine apart, Casy makes a “speech” to Tom and explains that he is worried about something happening to A. Granma B. The dogC. HimselfD. The car E. The country E. the country
Al reveals to Tom that he has extra money. What does he want to do with it?A. Give it to TomB. Save it for California C. Buy the car partD. Get drunkE. Buy tires D. Get drunk
The junk dealer has a deformity. What is it? A. ArmB. LegC. EarD. EyeE. hand D. Eye
True/False Tom shows sympathy and grieves within the junk dealer about his deformity. False
After the vehicle is repaired, Tom decides not to stay with the family in the campground because it would cost extra money. True
True/False The author makes it clear that the poor families moving westward during the Great Depression lost their civility and became progressively more mistrustful of one another. False
While Tom and the other men are sitting and bathing in the river, a man and boy join them. Where are these two going? A. EastB. WestC. North D. SouthE. Following the river A. East. Going back home
True/False Prior to getting to California, Tom never fully understood what it means when migrants like the Joads are called “Okies”. True
Who leaves the family to follow the river? Noah
Immediately after Noah leaves, Tom godA. To tell MaB. To tell PaC. To tell RoseD. To tell Granma E. To sleep E. to sleep
When the Jehovites offer to hold a religious meeting in Ma’s tent, how does she respond? A. Accepts gratefully B. Accepts with some hesitation C. Neither accepts nor rejectsD. RejectsE. Rejects with physical threats D. Rejects
According to the Jehovites, for whose good have they offered to hold their meeting in the Joads tent? Granma
Before they cross the desert another member of the family is lost. Who? B. Granma
What are the migrant worker camps called? Hooverville
True/FalseWealthy landowners fear possible violence from the many, poor desperate workers coming to California. True
What is a blacklist? A. A list that is black B. A list of farms where the workers are treated unfairly C. A list of poisonous plantsD. A list of people whom attempted to organize against landowners D. A list of people whom attempted to organize against landowners
In the camp, Tom asks the “mayor” if the Joad family can set up their tent nearby. What kind of response does he get from “the mayor”?A. Friendliness B. Gratefulness C. Physical violence D. Silence E. Suspicion E. suspicion
What is Floyd Knowles grinding?A. BeefB. PorkC. VenisonD. MulchE. Valves E. valves
Which member of the Joad family helps Floyd Knowles? Al
Migrant pickers of fruit are forced to work for very small wages because A. The pickers do not want to join unions and strikeB. The government is keeping wages lowC. The contracts are written that way before the pickers come to California D. There are so many workers who are desperate E. the farmers do not have enough money to pay them. D. There are so many workers who are desperate
After Ma feeds the stew to the camp kids, a mother of one of the kids comes to speak to her. What is the emotion this mother expresses to Ma? Anger
Does Connie think he and Rose of Sharon should have stayed in Oklahoma? Yes
Who decides to leave the family without telling anyone? Connie
Who trips the deputy? Tom
Who kicks the deputy? Casy
Who takes all the blame and is arrested for assaulting the deputy? Casy
Ruthie and Winfield tease Uncle John when he Gets drunk.
What does Floyd Knowles ask the contractor? How much will he pay.
Why do the property owners and California locals form armed bands? A. To make sure the Okies stay in their place B. To protect their crops from thieves C. To scare off unwanted workers D. To feel united A. To make sure the Okies stay in their place
Why is the Farmer’s Association uncomfortable with the government camps?A. They take away workersB. The camps pay the workers moreC. They think the camps are filled CommunistsD. The government camps have nicer bathroom facilities C. They think the camps are filled with communists.
What are “red agitators”?A. Communists B. A disease where you are covered in red itchy spots C. People who hate communism D. A red plant that makes a person sick A. Communists
The Wallaces – Timothy and Wilkie – do not have a car becauseA. When it broke down, they were forced to abandon itB. They had no money and were forced to resell it to a car dealer for ten dollarsC. It was stolen during the night after they had parked it by the side of the road D. The no longer needed it, having abandoned their dream of work in California and deciding, instead, to work for Mr. Thomas. B. They had no money and were forced to resell it to a dealer for ten dollars
At the Weedpatch camp, Ruthie learns a valuable lesson when she tried to intrude into game without waiting her turn:A. Hopscotch B. Croquet C. Badminton D. Baseball B. Croquet
What is a sanitary unit?A. Cabin but no water or toiletB. Wilderness camping spot with a latrine, but no waterC. Campsite with running water and toiletsD. DumpsterE. Landfill C. Campsite with running water and toilets
When the Joads first enter Weedpatch camp, how are they treated?A. With respectB. With suspicionC. As criminals D. As unwanted guestsE. Ignored A. With respect
Mr. Thomas revels that the Association is planning to start a fight in he government camp and that they have already A. Foreclosed on his mortgageB. Sent spies in to the campC. Lynched several migrant workers D. Sent people to burn another camp down D. Sent people to burn another camp down
True/FalseThe first job Tom finds is working with a pick, a job he dislikes. False. Tom doesn’t mind working with he pick as he did he worked with a pick in prison
The term “Reds” had associations with Communism, but most of the people who called the Okies “Reds” were not accusing them of having those associations. They were angry with the Okies for A. Wanting better wagesB. Being dirtyC. Criminal activitiesD. Poor quality workE. Begging A. Wanting better wages
True/FalseWinfield has not seen a flushing toilet before True
Jim Rawley, the camp manager, visits Ma. Why does she have to fight “a desire to cry” after his leaves?A. Shame for their lack of cleanlinessB. Sadness at his suspicionC. AngerD. Relief and pure joyE. Frustration that the man fails to understand their circumstances. D. Relief and pure joy
Ma is relieved to not be bothered by the police, but she Is depressed because Granpa, Granma, Connie and Noah are not with them.
A woman carrying an apple box visits Rose of Sharon. The woman is a devout, fundamentalist Christian. Steinbeck’ stone suggests this attitude toward the Christian woman:A. A respectful womanB. A kind and generous personC. An intrusive, rude personD. A Woman filled with the love of GodE. An amusingly, harmless woman C. An intrusive, rude person
When the Ladies Committee of Sanitary No. 4 come to pay Ma a visit, Steinbeck’s tone is A. RespectB. LoveC. HostilityD. HatredE. Amusement E. Amusement
How do the workers find escape and salvation from their troubles? A. They play musicB. They drinkC. They get baptized D. All of the above D. All of the above
The people tell stories. One is about soldiers who couldn’t shoot because they were in awe of ___________. A. An Indian braveB. GeronimoC. A German soldierD. A prisoner who was making his escapeE. a man sentenced to die in front of a firing squad. A. An Indian brave
When a man called “Black Hat” becomes angry at farmers hiring men at twenty cents an hour, Pa says he will A. Not take a job like thatB. Take the job if he has a chanceC. Organize with other workers to go on strikeD. Become violentE. Report the farmers for fraudulent behavior B. Take the job if he has a chance
The first to spot men sent into the dance to start a fight is Jule. Who was standing with Julie at the time? A. PaB. MaC. AlD. TomE. Winfield D. Tom
Why did the three men at the dance try to start a riot?A. The one was unhappy his girlfriend found a new dateB. They hate dancingC. They were paid to do it D. They were angry at the government C. They were paid to do it
Why does Ma convince her family to leave the government camp after one month?A. She’s unhappy thereB. Work and supplies are scarceC. She wants Rose of Sharon’s baby to be born in a better place D. She wants to be closer to Pa B. Works and supplies are scarce
What happens to most of the unsold farm produce?A. Offered to poor people B. Shipped to bigger markets C. Stored in cellarsD. Destroyed or left to rotE. sold to rich people in foreign countries D. Destroyed or left to rot
What happens to the Wilson’s and what do the Joads do to help the them? 1. The Wilson’s car breaks down and Tom and Almgonto twin to buy a part, repairing the car so that the Wilson’s are able to continue the journey. 2. When Sairy Wilson becomes too ill to confine the journey, the Joads give the Wilson’s some food and money which Ivy stubbornly refuses to accept. Ma leaves the money under the pan of food and tells Ivy that someone else will take it if he doesn’t.
How does Sairy Wilson help the family at Granpa’s death? She lends the Joads her Bible to pick our scripture and gives them a quilt to bury the body.
Work is scarce. Which member of the Joad group takes the lead in provoking them to move out of the Weedpatch camp?A. TomB. CasyC. Rose of SharonD. AlE. Ma E. Ma
Ma gives Rose of Sharon this gift to cheer her up:A. Bracelet B. EarringsC. Necklace D. CoatE. Gloves B. Earrings
Ma does what to Rose of Sharon’s ears? Pierces them.
Rumor has it that work is available near Tulare picking A. PeachesB. BeansC. CottonD. CornE. Grapes C. Cotton
What happens to the car after the Joads leave the Weedpatch camp? The battery is weak, and it gets a flat tire
After the Joads fix a flat tire, a man stops and hires them to pick this crop:A. PeachesB. BeansC. Cotton D. CornE. Grapes A. Peaches
True/FalseThe new camp (after leaving Weedpatch) has real cabins instead of tents, so the Joads immediately feel more comfortable than they did in the Weedpatch camp. False
When the Joads pick peaches, their work is unacceptable because the crop is A. Bruised B. Dirty C. WetD. Not properly peeledE. Crushed A. Bruised
How much do the Joads earn for picking peaches at five cents a box? A. $10B. $5C. $1D. $0 C. $1
What has Casy been doing since he got out of prison?A. Organizing workers B. Stealing from rich employersC. Following the Joads D. Joined the police force A. Organizing workers
Who is the leader of the strike?A. ConnieB. JohnC. TomD. PaE. Casy E. Casy
Who dies in the strike at the Hooper camp? A. Connie B. JohnC. TomD. PaE. Casy E. Casy
Who killed Casy?A. TomB. A policeman C. His employerD. He killed himself. B. A policeman
Who killed someone at the strike at the Hooper camp? A. Connie B. JohnC. TomD. PaE. Casy C. Tom
Tom’s injury is to hisA. ArmB. FaceC. KneeD. Stomach E. Shoulder B. Face
Rose of Sharon is most concerned aboutA. Herself B. ConnieC. The babyD. The dogE. The price of food C. The baby
John thinks all their misfortune is because of hisA. WifeB. Health problemsC. DrinkingD. SinE. Criminal activities D. Sin
What is Winfield given for his stomach? A. Caster oilB. MilkC. AspirinD. FruitE. Nothing B. Milk
True/FalseWhen the pay drops from five cents to two and a half cents per box, the bosses find it much more difficult to find workers. False
The family member who plans the escape from the Hooper camp isA. PaB. MaC. TomD. JohnE. Al B. Ma
The favorite musical instrument of the migrants:A. Harmonica B. GuitarC. BanjoD. Violin A. Harmonica
Excluding Casy, the number of Joads who die or leave the family is:A. FourB. FiveC. SuxD. Seven C. Six (Granpa, Granma, Noah, Connie, Tom, Al)
According to Casy, to earn a dollar at the Hooper ranch picking leaches at two-and-a-half cents a box, a picker would have to pick A. A ton of peaches B. 500 pounds of peachesC. 750 pounds of peaches D. 1,000 pounds of peaches A. A ton of peaches
Pa expresses fear about ___________ among the woman in the Weedpatch camp, using Ma as an example The women are taking control
To bolster her flagging spirits, Ma gives Rose of SharonA. A comb made if mother-of-pearl that has belonged to Rose of Sharon’s grandmother B. A baby christening dressC. Pierced earrings D. A quilt she had sewn for the baby’s crib. C. Pierced earrings
When Ma tells Uncle John to bury Rose of Sharon’s stillborn baby, heA. Puts it in an apple crate and floats it downstream into the town below B. Wraps it in a cotton band buries it behind a boxcarC. Gives the body to Mr. Wainwright to bury because he believes that it would be a sin for him to bury it himself D. Gives the body to Casy, asking him to say a prayer as he did for Granpa, before he buries it. A. Puts it in an apple crate and floats it downstream into the town below
Which of the following is not a member of the Weedpatch Ladies Committee?A. Jesse BullittB. Annie LittlefieldC. Ella SummersD. Aggie Wainwright D. Aggie Wainwright
Which of following characters are not associated with the government of Weedpatch?A. Willie EatonB. Floyd KnowlesC. Ezra HustonD. Mr. Rawley B. Floyd Knowles
When a girl steals this from Ruthie because she is unwilling to share, Ruthie attempts to frighten the girl into returning it to herA. Cracker JackB. Licorice TwizzlersC. Oh Henry candy barD. Tootsie Roll A. Cracker Jack
What courageous act does Ma perform to to ensure that the family will cross the desert successfully? She stays all night with with Granma’s pay without telling anyone that Granma had dies so that the family can “get acrost”.
Why did the Americans take California away from Mexico? A. They believed they owned it because they farmed the landB. It was a giftC. They won it in a warD. It always belonged to America A. They believed they owned it because they farmed the land
Steinbeck suggests that the cotton pickers put rocks in their bags and that the owners had crooked A. ScalesB. BacksC. RowsD. LawsE. Fingers A. Scales
When they are picking cotton, the Joads and other workers liveA. In old busesB. In tentsC. In their carsD. On the streets E. In railroad cars E. In railroad cars
When picking cotton, how do the wages compare to other jobs the Joads have had since coming to California?A. Best of allB. A little above average C. Same as everywhere elseD. Below average E. The worst of all A. Best of all
True/FalseWinfield doesn’t want Ruthie to return “whipped” by Ma. False. He does want her to get whupped
Who tells Tom that he has to leave the family? A. Uncle JohnB. RuthieC. AlD. PaE. Ma E. Ma
How much money is Tom given before he leaves?A. $1B. $3C. $5D. $7E. Nothing, Tom refused to take any money D. $7
Which member of the family talks to a farmer and gets more work picking cotton?A. Uncle JohnB. Ruthie C. AlD. PaE. Ma E, Ma
The new job picking cotton is a disappointment because A. The rain stops workB. There is far too much wick to doCl. The wages are cut by the farmerD. There is far too little work to do E. No workers show up D. There is far too little work to do
Chapter 29 is about growing anger and fear. Why is anger growing among the migrant workers?A. Change in weatherB. Lack of workC. IllnessD. All of the above E. None of the above D. All of the above
Who has the idea of building a dike to hold back the flood waters?A. Uncle jB. Mr. Wainwright C. AlD. PaE. Ma D. Pa
As the time approaches for Rose of Sharon to give birth, Ma and Mrs Wainwright decide to A. Bring her to a doctorB. Keep her still and in bedC. Make her walk D. Leave her aloneE. bring a doctor to her. C. Make her walk
When the dike breaks and the stream floods, Al’s immediate concern isA. AggieB. RoseC. MaD. Ruthie E. His car E. his car
Who is given the job of removing the stillborn baby?A. AlB. AggieC. PaD. Uncle John E. Mr. Wainwright D. Uncle John
Whose idea is it to build a platform above the flooding waters?A. Uncle John B. Mr. Wainwright C. AlD. PaE. Ma C. Al
Whose idea is it to leave the railroad car to escape the flood? A. Uncle John B. Mr. Wainwright C. AlD. PaE. Ma E. Ma
The man in the barn is starving, and according to his son, he needs either soup orA. BreadB. MeatC. MilkD. Fruit E. A doctor C. Milk
To raise the price, the farming corporations dumped carloads of oranges on the ground, and sprayed what on them to make them unfit for human consumption while starving children looked on. Kerosene
When the Central Committee agreed to let them speak in the camp provided that they did not pass the hat, who disappeared from Weedpatch and never returned? The preachers
What did the Joads used as a covering to bind the load on the truck, using it as a shelter from the rain and the sun, and sometimes as a makeshift tent. Tarpaulin / “tarp”
Steinbeck warns the owners that they must be aware of the three “facts” of history, the first being the great fact: when ___________ accumulates in too few hands, it is taken away. Property.
The second fact of history is “When a majority of the people are hungry and cold, they will take by ________ what they need”. By force
Having spent her dollar for groceries, Ma had to borrow how much money from the store clerk so she could buy some sugar for Tom’s coffee? A dime
Weedpatch charged each family how much per week? $1. Those that couldn’t afford to lay could work around the camp p, helping to keep the camp clean.
Despite her best determined efforts, Ma could not keep this together. The family
Where did the Joads seek shelter from the floods? A barn
What does Weedpatch not allow because it robs a person of his dignity? Charity
A pig ate her baby Milky Jacobs
What did Black Hat suggest the workers organize like people did in Akron Ohio? Turkey Shoot
What did Ma grab to defend herself when the police tried to intimidate her at the river? Skillet
What did the cotton pickers have to buy before they could pick cotton? What was the cost? Bag for $1
What was the fund of $20 set aside for families in Weedpatch to borrow money for food? The Aid
Anyone who breaks the laws of Weedpatch is warned how many times before being banished from the camp? Twice
What did Ma want to buy at the camp grocery store, but did not have enough money? Sugar (for Tom’s coffee)
Name two times Ma asserts her role and the decks is final. 1. Saying Casy can go with the Joads to California, saying the Joads have never refused someone in need2. When car breaks down, Ma, determined to keep the family together, threatens pa with a jack handle.
Why do the deputies force the Okies to keep moving? They are afraid that the migrants will carve out a piece of land for themselves and claim ownership. Also, the large number of migrants take jobs away from the locals and lower the pay wages for all workers.
What incident necessitates that Tom leave the family? Tom retaliated after Casy was killed and struck another man, fearing him killed. Ruthie, after getting in a fight with another girl, blurts out that her brother is on hiding for killing a man.
What is the distinction Annie Littlefield makes between helping those in need in Weedpatch and the Salvation Army? Annie insists that there is no charity in Weedpatch. Contributions are given to the camp and the camp distributed as necessary to those on need. Those that require assistance either repay or work off the assistance. In this way, people retain their dignity and are not embarrassed as they are still contributing to the camp as a whole. The Salvation Army, according to Annie, crushes the human spirit, with handouts. People are not expected to repay
What are some clues in the book that California may not be the promised land the migrants expect 1. Wide distribution of handbills. Everyone has a handbill 2. Ragged man returning from California warns Oa that there are too few jobs, and low wages. 3. Father and son at Colorado River returning from California warning of hostility and hatred from locals who see migrants as a threat to their jobs and livelihood 4. Floyd Knowles confirming ragged man and father/son descriptions. Too many handbills , too little work, low wages, and hatred.
What are two ways that the Hooper camp took advisor the migrant workers? 1. Slashes wages in half from five cents to two-and-half cents. Workers would have to pick a ton in order to earn one dollar 2. Migrants forced to buy food at inflated, higher optics’s at Hooper store.
What are two ways Hooper camp is an unfair employer? 1. Lowers wages when more pickers arrive2. Pay in work slip rather than money. Work slip only good at Hooper store.
What decision does Tom make at the end of the novel? What motivates that decision? He plans to become a leader of the workers to fight against hunger and injustice. His inspiration is Casy, becoming Casy’s disciple.
Floyd Knowles warns Tom to act “bull-simple”. What does he mean? To act dump by or stupid so that the authorities do not consider him a threat or label him an agitator
What happens to Al at the end of the novel? Al and Aggie Wainwright p,an to marry so he leaves the family and stays with the Wainwrights.
What are three ways in which Weedpatch is a communist society? 1. Self-governing. Governed by Central Committee 2. Godless society – preachers could preach as long as they didn’t ask for money. 3. Charity is not permitted. Everyone has to contribute
Ma makes Pa angry on purpose because A. She is getting even for the way he has always treated her B. She wants him to get angry because an angry man can never be defeated C. She wants him to realize that his plan would never workD. She wants to teach Tom a lessonE. she needs Pa to protect Rose of Sharon B. She wants him to get angry because an angry man can never be defeated
In the novel, the people who help the poor people areA. The Middle-class businessman B. Churches and religious societiesC. Other poor people, who share the little bit they have D. The state and local governments E. The upper-class citizens C. Other poor people, who share the little bit they have
The decision to build a levee/dike to contain the riding water us forced upon the Joads and their group because A. The only road out is washed away by the floodB. Rose of Sharon goes into labor C. Al has driven off in the only truckD. Tom suffers a serious head wound when he is struck by a policeman E. Mrs. Wainwright says her husband us dying and she begs the others to stay B. Rose of Sharon goes into labor
The portions of the book that do not follow the actual plot of the bookA. Deal with another sub-plotB. Relate to the plot in a symbolic manner C. Were placed in the book after Steinbeck diedD. Are there to lengthen the novelE. Describe life in Oklahoma before the novel begins B. Relate to the plot in a symbolic manner
What does Uncle John do to send a message about the living conditions of the migrants?A. He sets fire to an old barnB. He runs the truck into the wall of the town jailC. He puts Rose of Sharon’s stillborn baby in a crate and sets it in the river D. He carries the stillborn baby into the office of the mayorE. He and the other migrants form a picket line and begin to protest outside the mayor’s office C. He puts Rose of Sharon’s stillborn baby in a crate and sets it in the river
What rule did the migrants find at the relief office? That they had to live in California for one year before they could collect relief
At the end of the novel, how long did the migrants find it would be before work would be available? Three months, until crops were ready to be picked again
Anger and fear started to grow among the migrants as people started to die from what? Hunger, starvation
From the beginning if the novel, it is clear that Tom isA. TimidB. Religious C. ToughD. Greedy C. Tough
Everywhere they go, the Joads A. Are outcasts B. Make friends C. Commit small crimesD. Become more self- confident B. Make friends
The novel supports A. Capitalism as an economic system B. The importance of religious commitment C. The need for a unionized workforce D. The viability of the American Dream C. The need for a unionized workforce

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