Grapes of Wrath chapters 1-6

The novel is set during which period of history? The Great Depression
Where had Tom Joad been over the last four years? McAlester State Penitentiary
What irritates Tom about the truck driver? that he is very nosy and asks too many questions
A woman in a car swerves to avoid… a turtle
As Tom walks along a dusty road, he encounters who? Jim Casy
JIm Casy says something revealing. What does he reveal? He used to take girls “out in the grass.”
What do readers learn about Tom’s crime and reason for being put in jail? That he got into a drunken brawl and killed a man with a shovel
When farmers are told that they must leave, where do the landowners suggest the evicted owners go? California
Who tells Tom that his family had moved in with Uncle John? Muley Graves
What does the family want to do with the money they earn? Buy a car and drive across the country

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