grade 11 crucible review sheet

who is the author of the play the crucible Arthur Miller
the time the play takes place is inlate __ in the town of ____,__ 1600s Salem, Massachusetts
the author wtoe the play becuase he had been falsely ____ of being a _____ in the late ____ accussed communism 1950
Reverend ___ is the reverend of the town parris
his daughter’s name is ___ betty
the reverend from Beverly is Reverend ___ Hale
four people live in the Parris’ household they are ___,____, ____, and ___ Parris, Tituba, Betty and Abigail
who was discharged from Proctor’s service? Abigail
Gile’s wife’d first name is Matha
mrs. Putman blamed _____ for the death of her seven babies Rebecca nurse
mary gived Elizabeth a ___ poppet
Mary announced she is an ____ of the court official
___comes to talk with John and Elizabeth Hale
he notes that ____ is rarley at church John
Golden Candlestick
at the end of act 1, ___- confesses to witchcraft she does this to ____ her own ___ Tituba save life
act 2 takes place in the ___ house Proctor
____ and ____ have had an affair. that is why she was fired from her job John and abby
____ comes to the Proctor house to question them hale
___ finds a way of officially accusing Elizabeth Procto of practicing ____ Cheever witchcraft
___ forgets he commandment about adultery John
___ and ___ enter the Provtor’s common room distraught over the arrest of their wives Giles and Cheever
_____ is the clerk of the court Cheever
___ discovers a pin stick in the middle of a rag doll that Mary has given to Elizabeth Cheever
___- has a warrent for Elizabeth;s arrest Cheever
the ___ is taken as evidence of witchcraft poppet
act 2 ends with ___ angrily shaking ____ by the throat trying to force her to confess that the girl’s charges are false john mary
___ n ____ pled with danforth to allow them to present evidence that will prove that Abigail Williams and other girls are lying. giles and John
After _____ brings in ____ who is now prepared to admit that she never saw any spirits, Danforth agreen to examine her. John mary
____ seeing that Mary Warren is weakening, stuns the court by calling ___ a ***** and admitting that he has committed an adulterous act with her. John abby
_________, unaware of Proctor’s confession, refuses to blacken his name with the crime of lechery Elizabeth
_________, fully convinced that Abby and the other girls are lying, denounces the proceeding and quits the court Hale
Act 4 takes place in the _______ the following fall. Jail/courtroom
John proctor and Rebecca Nurse are condemned to _____ at dawn Death/ hung
________ now terrified of his own congregation because of the role he has played in the witch trials, begs Danforth to hear Rebecca and John’s evidence Parris
__________ pleads with John to save his own life by confessing to the lie of witchcraft Hale/Elizabeth
Proctor, who desperately wants to live, decides to ______ Confess
However, after he signs the ______ he can’t surrender the document to Danforth Confession
In the end, ________ chooses to die rather than live without honor John.

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