GOW Othello Palace Thief Quotes

“I got the call to lead the people and no place to lead them” Casy
“Maybe it ain’t a sin. Maybe it’s just the way folks is. Maybe we been whuppin the hell out of ourselves for nothing” “It’s all part of the same thing” Casy
“They gonna need help no preacher can give them. Hope of heaven when their lived aint lived? Holy Sperit when their own sperit is downcast and sad? They gonna need help. They got to live before they can afford to die.” Casy
“I’m gonna pick me a wash tub full of grapes, ‘an I’m gonna sit in them, an’ scrooge aroun’ an’ let the juice run down my pants.” Grandpa
“We never took nothing we couldn’ pay; we never suffered no man’s charity” Pa
“maybe it’s all men an’ all women we love; maybe that’s the Holy Sperit– the human sperit– the whole shebang. Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of”(24). Casy
if a fella’s got somepin to eat an’ another fella’s hungry– why, the first fella ain’t got no choice” Muley
“God knows the lan’ ain’t no good. Nobody been able to make a crop for years. But them sons-a-bitches at their desks, they jus’ chopped folks in two for their margin a profit” Muley
“Fella like that bust the holiness. But when they’re all workin’ together, not one fella for another fella, but one fella kind of harnessed to the whole shebang– that’s right, that’s holy” Casy
“He was foolin’, all the time. I think he knowed it….He died the minute you took ‘im off the place” Casy
“This fella wants eight hundred men. So he prints up five thousand of them things an’ maybe twenty thousand people sees ’em. An’ maybe two-three thousan’ folks gets movin’ account at this here han’bill.” Floyd
“All we got is family unbroken. Like a bunch of cows, when the lobos are ranging, stick all together. I ain’t scared while we’re all here … but I ain’t gonna see us bust up.” Ma
“Well, — no – them’s two for a penny.” Mae
“Godalmighty, give ’em the bread” Al
“If he needs a million acres to make him feel rich, seems to me he needs it ’cause he feels awful poor inside himself” Casy
“I was afraid we wouldn’t get acrost .. I tol’ Grandma we couldn’t help her. The fambly got to get acrost” ma
“They say they’s three houndred thousan’ folks here, an’ I bet ever’ dam fambly seen them han bills” (245). Floyd
“Well, you jus’ open your trap about us folks getin’ together, an’ you’ll see. They take your pitcher an’ send it all over. Then you can’t get work nowhere” Floyd
“I can’t send ’em away. I don’t know what to do. Take your plates an’ go inside. I’ll let them have what’s left (257). Ma
“You got to git out … You go down in the willas an’ wait. He didn’t see me kick ‘im, but he seen you stick out your foot” (265). Casy
“Connie wasn’ no good. I seen that a long time. Didn’ have no guts, too big for his overalls” (272). pa
“if it was the law they was workin’ with, why, we could take it. But in ain’t the law. They’re a-workin’ away at our spirits. They’re trying to make us cringe and crawl like a whipped bitch. They’re tryin’ to break us…. They’re working on our decency” (279). Tom
“us people will go on livin’ when all them people is gone…. We’re the people that live. They ain’t gonna wipe us out. Why, we’re the people – we go on” Ma
“An’ now I ain’t ashamed. These folks is our folks. An’ that manager come an’ set an’ drank coffee, an’ he says, “Mrs. Joad this, and Mrs. Joad that” … – why I feel like people again” Ma
We’re a-goin’ to Marysville. I don’ care what the pay is. We’re a-goin'” Ma
I’m learnin’ it all the time, ever’ day …if you’re in trouble or hurt or need – go to poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help” Ma
“You don’ know what you’re doin'” Casy
“I’ll be all everywhere – where you look. Where’s they’s a fight so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there. Where’s they’s a cop beatin’ up[ a guy, I’ll be there….I’ll be in the way kids laugh when they’re hungry an’ they know suppers ready. An’ when our folks eat the stuff they raised an’ live in houses they build – why, I’ll be there” Tom
I follow him to serve my turn upon him.We cannot all be masters, nor all mastersCannot be truly followed. Iago
I am not what I am. Iago
Even now, now, very now, and old black ramIs tupping your white ewe. iago
She loved me for the dangers I had passed,And I loved her that she did pity them.This is the only witchcraft I have used. Othello
“Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus. Our bodies are our gardens,to the which our wills are gardeners. Iago
Hell and night / Must bring this monstrous birth to the world’s light. Iago
O thou invisible spirit of wine, if thou has no name to be known bylet us call thee devil… That we should with joy, pleasance, revel and applause transform ourselves into beasts. Cassio
It is the green eyed monsterwhich doth mock the meat it feeds upon Iago
Arise, black vengeance, from thy hollow cell! Othello
They are all but stomachs, and we all but food;They eat us hungrily, and when they are full,They belch us. ​ Emilia
the world’s a huge thing; it’s a great pricefor a small vice.​ emilia
Put out the light, and then put out the light.If I quench thee, thou flaming minister,I can again thy former light restoreShould I repent me. But once put out thy light,I know not where is the Promethean heatThat can thy light relume. Othello
I do think it is their husbands’ faultsIf wives do fall. …The ills we do, their ills instruct us so. Emilia
Then must you speakOf one that loved not wisely but too well;Of one not easily jealous, but, being wrought,Preplexed in the extreme; of one whose hand,Like the base Indian, threw a pearl awayRicher than all his tribe….. othello
“‘But you will not mold him. I will mold him. You will merely teach him'” senator Bell
“Now that’s horse that can talk.” Senator Bell
– “I suppose I was in my own way rooting for Sedgewick” Mr. Hundert
– “I gave him an A on a quiz on which he had earned a B, and in so doing, I leapfrogged him over Martin Blythe” Mr. Hundert
– “I was supposed to be the one up there with Deepak and Fred, wasn’t I, sir?” Martin
– “How clear it was to me then that the corruption in his character had arisen from fear” Mr. Hundert
And I see that you have not changed either'” Sedgwick
“What will be your contribution?” Mr. Hundert