GOTHIC: Frankenstein quotes

‘curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart’ Shelley’s desire as stated in her 1831 introduction
Transgression- crossing boundary between the human and the divine
“renew life where death had apparently devoted the body to corruption” Frankenstein’s desire
‘the principle of life’ What Frankenstein wants to discover
‘the great taboo’ David Punter on discovering the principle of life. Forbidden knowledge accessible only by God.
‘dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge’ Victor- dangerous knowledge
Through ‘Promethean over-reaching. Victor Frankenstein tries to become a god, and the endeavor destroys him.’ Robert Hume
‘ascend into the heavens’ As his professor says scientists can, Victor aspires to…
‘supremely frightful’ Shelley on Victor’s aspiration to godlike status
Transgression on social laws
‘Frankenstein’s main sin is not his act of creation, but his failure to take responsibility for what he produces’ David Punter. Victor transgresses social laws.
The creature ‘stretches out one hand […] with a grin’ The creature’s innocence, which Frankenstein sees as an attack.
‘escaped and rushed downstairs’ Frankenstein’s response to the creature after creation.
When it comes to parenting, Frankenstein himself is a monster’ Butler on parenthood
‘no father’ The creature realises he has…
‘I am malicious because I am miserable’ The creature on the cause of his crimes
‘a lot of the misery of the world stems from the negligence of parents’ Wollstonecraft on parenthood
Horror within us
‘I thought I saw Elizabeth’. ‘dead mother’ Conflation of maternal and sexual figures.
‘mangled the living flesh of a human being’. ‘odious work’. ‘filthy process’ Horrific language used to describe Victor’s actions. True horror is within us.
‘Caroline became Alphonse’s wife’ Victor. Blurring of Caroline and Elizabeth in his mind. Positioned as equals. Orphan.

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