Gods and Goddesses The Odyssey by Homer

Zeus King of the gods
Poseidon God of the sea and earthquakes
Athena Goddess of skills, wisdom, and warfare; daughter of Zeus
Calypso Nymph who is immortal and holds Odysseus captive for seven years
Helios God of the sun
Circe Enchantress that uses wine and magic to lure men to her house; turns Odysseus’ men into pigs
Aeolus God of the wind
Scylla Six-headed monster made of gray rock
Charybdis Whirlpool
Sirens half bird and half woman; they sing songs to lure men to their death
Apollo God of music, law, sunlight, and medicine
Cyclopes Cannibals; one-eyed monsters; barbaric creatures with no laws
Lotus Eaters people who eat the flower that makes you forget about home
Polyphemus Son of Poseidon
Hades god of underworld
Hermes The messenger god

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