Genres for Romeo and Juliet Test

Tragedy A serious play in which the main character has a conflict with a larger or stronger force, with a disastrous conclusion that evokes fear and pity from the audience.
Iambic pentameter A line of poetry that consists of 5 iambs or 10 syllables
Iamb is a metered foot composed of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable.
Stressed Syllable= bold
Blank verse Unrhymed verse written in a meter called Iambic pentameter.
Monologue A long speech that is spoken in the presence of other characters but is not interrupted
Soliloquy A speech in which a character ,alone on stage, expresses his or her thoughts aloud. It allows the audience to listen in to the private feelings and thoughts of a character.
Aside Words spoken by a character,usually in an undertone, not intended to be heard by other characters
Foil A character who sets off another character by contrast
Irony The contrast between appearance and reality or between expectation and fulfillment.
Allusion A reference in one work of literature to a person, place, or event in another work of literature or history, art, or music
Pun A play on words that sound similar but have different meanings. Often humorous.
Dramatic Irony This occurs when some of the characters are ignorant of the facts of which the audience, or the audience and some characters are fully aware.
Double Meaning Having more than one meaning at once.
Comedy A play dealing with its subject in a light or satirical manner. The plot has a happy ending. Shakespeare’s usually end in a marriage symbolizing fruitfulness and hope for the future.
Rhyming Couplets usually indicate the end of a scene
Prose ordinary speech, does not have a meter
Simile A comparison using “like” or “as”
Metaphor A comparison NOT using “like” or “as”, but stating one thing in comparison to another
Personicfication assigning human characteristics to a non-human object or concept
Apostrophe when a speaker detaches himself from reality and directly addresses an imaginary character or object as if it is present and capable of understanding
Metonymy a word or phrase that is used to stand in for another word; sometimes it represents a well-known characteristic of the word.
Simile Ex. This backpack is as light as a feather
Metaphor Ex. He was a lion in the face of danger
Apostrophe Ex. Twinkle, Twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are…
Metonymy Ex. “There was trouble on Wall St. today” or “lend me your ears.”
Paradox a statement that seems to contradict itself. It may seem absurd or impossible, but it is really founded on truth.
Paradox Ex. Come civil night…and learn how to lose a winning match
Oxymoron A figure of speech combining seemingly contradictory expressions
Oxymoron Ex. Cruel kindness, Falsely true
Foreshadowing to show or indicate beforehand