Gatsby Questions Chapter 2

How does Nick meet Tom’s mistress? Nick meets Tom’s mistress on a train when it was stopped.
How does Myrtle react towards Tom’s arrival? She acts calm and walks slowly down the stairs and sends her husband to get chairs. By her acting calm this allows her husband to assume nothing.
Describe George Wilson. How does he react to Tom’s arrival? George isn’t a very wealthy hand and loves his wife. When Tom comes he is happy because that means Tom will pay for the car.
How does Myrtle behave as the party progresses? Everyone is drinking at the party which causes Myrtle’s behavior to get a little out of hand. She starts chanting Daisy’s name that gets Tom mad.
Describe the setting of the Valley of Ashes where George and Myrtle live. What aspects of the setting imply that it is intended to be symbolic? The Valley of Ashes is the wasteland between the east and west egg. It is where the lower class lives. It symbolizes Wilson and how he is made of ashes because he repairs cars and can’t achieve the American dream.
How does Fitzgerald describe Myrtle Wilson? Does her physical appearance select on her character in any way? He describes her as being stout in her mid 30s and has a corse voice. Yes her personality is harsh like her.
Compare the setting of the party in chapter 1 to the party in chapter 2. The first chapter was more reserved and was mostly wealthy people. The second chapter was loud with more people and commotion going on.
Why does tom attack myrtle at the end of the chapter? How does this exemplify Fitzgerald’s description of Tom in chapter 1? He attacks her for chanting Daisy’s name and breaks her nose. It shows how he’s can be violent as described in the first chapter.

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