gatsby packet answers

Explain what Fitzergald achieved by using Nicks point of view to tell Gatsbys story Outside perspective (like us) different point of view
what is Nick Carraway’s background? his great grandfather came to America in 1851 after the Civil War and Nick graduated from new haven in 1915
in what ways might east egg and west egg be dissimilar? West egg- new money, self made people, elaborate, lavish, don’t know how to spend all their money East egg- old money, conservative
what is learned about the history and interests of tom, daisy, and jordan in this chapter? Tom- controlling, aggressive, and sucks the life out of people, has another girl in the cityDaisy- ignorant, dwells on the money in which she lives, is not a very involved motherJordan- light, dependent, care free, not feminine
why is Nick confused and disgusted when he leaves the Buchanan’s house and what does this suggest about his values? he is disgusted because Tom is having an affair and Daisy knows about it but she wouldn’t leave him dishes Nick is a peer honest man and doesn’t conform to the world
What impressions do you get about gatsby in the references made to him in conversations? He is mysterious, ominous, well-respected, wealthy man that everyone knows.
What is symbolic about the “valley of ashes” and the eyes of Doctor TJ Eckleberg”? Valley of Ashes- poor people in the valley who come from a lower economical class Doctor TJ Eckleberg – eyes of God, looks down on New York and the people of it
Evaluate Myrtles talk of her unhappy marriage. What does she seem to justify? She is trying to justify the fact she married George Wilson in the first place. ( married someone in a lower class than her, made a mistake) she is also trying to show that it would be okay to have an affair with someone else if she is not happily married
How does myrtles speech reveal her character? She is simple minded and tries to act higher up and something that she isn’t but it shows she is intelligent and superficial
What does the scene in this New York apartment reveal about Tom? About Myrtle? Tom- he is aggressive, abusive, and violent Myrtle- she is clingy, cheap, and insecure to stop him or stand up for herself
2. Does Nick enjoy the afternoon at the apartment in NY? No he does not because he scene shows immortal and judgmental people who goes against his values. also it’s a bunch of drinks and partying and that’s not really his style
give details about Gatsby’s party, the guest, their conversations and their behavior at Gatsby’s party pretty much all of the people there were not invited. They all look like they were dressed as Englishman selling bonds. The conversations consist of money, bonds golfing, and more money. they act as though they are all better than everyone else. The parties are very large.
Describe the meeting between Nick and Gatsby. Comment on Fitzergalds skill in preparing for Gatsby’s entrance into the story. when Fitzgerald describe Gatsby, he acts like he’s going to be almost godly, but when Nick meet him, he is having a normal conversation with them and you shocked when he introduces himself as Gatsby.
3. In what way are Nick and Gatsby similar at this point? Why are they paradoxical? -quiet people who are kept to themselves; anti-social- paradoxical because they have different amount of wealth -both in WW1
3. What is the reason for Nicks breaking point? “Reading over what I have written so far..” Wants to show the readers that he mostly has a normal life and what he is writing isn’t normal for him. He is a regular person who has to go to work and he doesn’t want to spend all of his time on parties.
3. At the end of chapter 3, Nick meets Jordan again. The author includes several episodes that emphasizes her carelessness and basic dishonesty. What do they reveal about Jordan? About Nick? -Jordan cheated in her golf tournament -she paid off the Wittiness to take back their story about seeing her cheat-ruined someone’s car due to reckless drinking and driving and didn’t care at all about it -Jordan is irresponsible; does not care what others think -Nick thinks the way Jordan acts about her dishonesty is okay because he expects dishonesty out of women
is Nick being overly proud in last paragraph chapter 3. Explain your answer. knowing next character, I think he’s not being overconfident because he has a right to brag on himself a little bit. This is slightly out of character for him but he deserves it.
how did the people attend Gatsby’s party but Haviar towards their host??? Why, then, do they accept his hospitality?
Describe Gastby’s Car -peach colored-unique -everyone knew what his car looked like -swollen here and there-long, nickel sided
Discuss the details that Gatsby shares with Nick about his past -Says he’s from the mid west ( San Fransisco ) -Hints he isn’t telling the truth -Says his family is dead and inherited a fortune -Says he was educated at Oxford -Joined the War (WW1) -Hoping to get killed but ended up getting medals instead
Does Nick believe Gatsby’s story? Believes he is mostly lying. Gatsby can’t keep eye contact when he is telling his story, but when he shows Nick the medals, Nick rethinks his doubts.
Who is Meyer Wolfshiem ? What seems to be his connection with Gatsby? -Jewish gangster- supposedly fixed the 1919 World Series – Gatsby might have inherited his money by illegal activities with him
summarize the story that Jordan Baker tells Nick about Daisy, Gatsby, and Tom. Daisy and Gatsby were in love before the war. When he went off to war, Daisy didn’t wait for him. She met Tom who was wealthy and married him. She went for the money and for her parents approval instead of waiting for someone she actually loves.
What does the epigraph reveal about Gatsby and his love for Daisy? Once Gatsby gets back from the War he sees Daisy with someone else with lots of money. So Gatsby “must wear the hat of gold” meaning get a lot of money and earn as much money as possible in order to get her back
why does Gatsby have so many parties? Why did he buy the house? having so many parties, his hope was that daisy would show up, and he bought the house to be near her and show her he had money
What new meaning do you see in the last two paragraphs of chapter 1? What does Nick mean when he says “Then it had not been merely the stars to Which he had aspired on That June night?” When Gatsby is reaching out across the bay, he is reaching out to Daisy- to the green light; longing for daisy
Gatsby’s actions in preparing for daisys arrival seem both flamboyant and absurd. What does he do? Why? He gets Nick to ask Daisy to come to his house so they can take a tour of Gatsby’s home. Also gets Nick flowers and gets someone to cut nicks grass. Makes sure everything is perfect for her.
Discuss Gatsby’s actions once Daisy arrives. How do we know he is nervous? How does he try to impress her? he disappears when she arrives and then runs into a clock and asked very awkward. He was trying to act wealthy for her and impress her so she would come back to him.
5. Describe Daisy’s reactions during the course of her meeting with Gatsby. -overcome with emotions-doesn’t know what makes her weep; Gatsby or what he has done for her -seems to be overwhelmed by superficial things -talks about the impossible and talks about romantic things
Has Nick been affected by the meeting between Gatsby and Daisy? Yes, Nick believes that he feels like an intruder. He watches and seems to grow and understanding of the impossible and enormity on Gatsby’s dream. he also realized love can be messy and difficult.
What is Gatsby’s real name? Why how do you change? gatsby’s real name was James Gatz he changed it at 17 when he began his new career
in what way was Dan KYLIE involved in Gatsby’s destiny? Dan cody was involved and get some destiny by being at the right place at the right time with his yacht, which represented all the beauty in glamour in the world. Dan saw potential, bought him some clothes and gave him a chance.
why does Tom attend Gatsby party? How does this scene reveal the contrast between Gatsby and Tom? Tom knows Mr. Slone, who was invited, and went with him. They are not the same in that Gatsby at least tries to be pleasant while Tom feels no need to hide how he feels.
what is deeply ironic in toms statement, “i may be old-fashioned in my ideas, but women run around too much these days to suit me?” he is having an affair with a girl who ran around because she was tired of her husband. He also said that they met all sorts of crazy fish which means he is one of those crazy fish.
Note the reactions of Tom and Daisy at different times during Gatsby’s party. Did they enjoy themselves? No, he did not enjoy himself, he made side marks about Gatsby’s party by calling him a “bootlegger” Tom makes multiple comments about the party , comments about Daisy’s discomfort when a drunk woman asks her to be put in the shower. Daisy was impressed by the actresses and all the uninvited guests that Gatsby is too polite to send away.
What suspicions does Tom have about Gatsby? What does he vow to do? Tom is suspicious of his past and where he got all of his money from, he thinks that he’s a bootlegger. Tom will investigate Gatsby and find out more about him.
What do Nick and Gatsby talk about after the party? They talk about Daisy’s reactions because Gatsby’s fears that she did not have a good time at the party. Nick tells him that she did causing him to say ” you can’t repeat the past” Gatsby wants to go back to the way it was before and have Daisy tell Tom she never loved him.
What is Gatsby expecting of Daisy that prompts Nick to warn him ” I wouldnt ask too much of her… You cant repeat the past”? Gatsby only wants Daisy to tell Tom that she never loved him over the course of 4 years that they were married
Note the use fitzgerald makes of the weather as a background for significant events. Point out examples in this chapter and in prefious chapters. The weather and its emphasis on “its hot” has an impact on the events that are later to take place between Tom, Daisy, Myrtle, Gatsby, and Jordan
Gatsby has made some changes in his lifestyle that so concerned nick that he went to check on him. What changes do you note? Why did he make them? The original staff was fired and he rehired new people except for the Gardener because he wanted to be discreet about Daisy visiting him. Gatsby wanted to keep his affairs private from the outside world and keep Daisy’s “good name” in tact
Analyze Daisy’s attitude towards her child as evidenced in this chapter and in chapter one. Is she a good mother? Explain why Gatsby look “at the child with surprise” Implied that she stayed in her marriage for the better of her child, but acted like her child was an accessory to her. The child was showed to represent an established family. Daisy has a child but not for “superficial purposes.” Gatsby is in shock of the child’s existence and that she moved on with her life.
With whom does Tom talk on the telphone with early in the chapter? About what? Tom is on the phone with Wilson to discuss the transaction of his car.
What startling discovery does Tom make shortly after lunch? Tom picks up on the looks and feeling between Gatsby and Daisy and knew they were once involved and that they both still have feelings for each other.
What arrangements are made regarding the passnegers of each car on the trip to the city? Why? Tom, Jordan, and Nick took Gatsby yellow’s carDaisy and Gatsby rode in the blue coupe.Tom had a plan in place as they left for the city
Eyes play a signfigant role in this chapter. Explain. God is watching you and watches everything. TJ Eckleberg is the billboard ad that portrays a rather non-spiritual kind of omniscient or all watching God, presiding over the Valley of The Ashes
What does Gatsby do that makes Nick want “to get up and slap him on the back”? Why does Nick feel this way? Gatsby explains how he attended Oxford as an officers privilege to attend any college he wanted in England or France after Armistice. Gatsby says he only stayed at Oxford for 5 months, so he wouldn’t consider himself to be an Oxford man.Nick doesn’t want Tom to get any joy out of being right about anything because Tom is so coincided and full of himself, and Gatsby doesn’t have to stick up to his standards just to prove himself.
Does Daisy know who she really loves? Whom does she really love? No, she says she loves Gatsby, but cannot deny her love for Tom
In what way is each ot the major characters involved in the tragedy that occurs at the end of this chapter? Nick, Jordan, and Tom find out that someone has been struck by a car and has been killed. A hit and run accident. Michaelis, who runs a coffee shop runs out and says it was Myrtle, and believes Myrtle got into an accident with her husband and ran into the road. Tom believes it was Gatsby driving the car.
Is there any significance in the fact that the day is Nicks birthday? Sees his 30th birthday as a significance into the world of “loneliness, and thinning hair ” It was until that moment he had forgotten about it, it had become a negative of rather a happy moment in your life.
Why is it necessary for the author to introduce a new character, Michaelis, at this point in the novel A neighbor witnessed the accident and knew the Wilsons previously. He is astonished that George has been so aggressive to his wife, Myrtle and locked her upstairs, it was uncharacteristic of George’s unusual “colorless” demeanor. Wilson thinks Michaelis was involved with Myrtle as he asks him to account for him many times. Michaelis seems to be an objective observer who checks up on George after the accident, but fails to do so.
Explain what Nick means when he says “.. Suddenly i guessed at the truth”? Daisy was actually driving the death car, not Gatsby.
At the end of chapter 7 Nick observes Gatsby, Tom and Daisy after the accident. What conclusion does he reach? After observing Gatsby, Tom and Daisy after the accident, Nick comes to the conclusion that Daisy and Tom are conspiring at their table in a manner that is familiar to them, as they have created to escape from such messes in the past. ( they are neither happy or unhappy ) Gatsby held a sign of hope by watching Daisy’s house in a “sacred vigil” Nick is aware of the Fulfilling of Gatsby’s dream, but cannot persuade him to give up.
Explain the last paragraph of chapter 7 Before the train into the city, and the accident, Gatsby was convinced Daisy was in love with him and would leave Tom for him. When he watches them in the kitchen, reality starts to kick in. Ever since Daisy married Tom, he devoted everything to her and tried to impress her everyday possible, and tried winning her back. He’s devoted his heart to her while she’s slipping away from him, right in front of his eyes. And he’s aware that all she does is control him. Nick knows Gatsby is “watching over nothing” and holding out for his dream
At the beginning of the chapter, the story is interrupted at its most dramatic point. What is the authors purpose in breaking the story here? They reffered back to the story of Dan Cody and how daisy was the first nice girl that Gatsby had ever known. It fills the open gaps on their relationship
What had prompted Gatsby to talk freely to Nick now, when he was unwilling to do so in the past? Tom has broken him down with his mean accusations. The idea of who he was trying to become had been shattered and now we see who he really is on the inside. Gatsby is no longer to hide anymore because he realizes Daisy is slipping away from him. Nick knows Gatsby was NOT guilt of the murder
What further information do we learn about Gatsby? Gatsby loved Daisy for “superficial reasons” learned that Daisy dealt with Gatsby leaving for war and her moving on. Gatsby tried to get her back but went to Oxford instead. After Gatsby learns about the marriage of Daisy, he returns to Louisville to try and find her. Gatsby took what he could get and he didn’t plan on falling in love but managed to commit a holy grail.
As Nick leaves Gatsby the morning after the accident, he remarks, “They’re a rotten crowd.” Who are they? Why are they “rotten” Tom Daisy and Jordan They are rotten because they are so full of themselves due to the fact that they are the elite class, and have no concerns for others but themselves and their social group that they belong and their needs of staying the highest in society.
What is the compliment Nick pays to Gatsby? Why does Nick feel compelled to commend Gatsby? “You’re worth a whole damn bunch” Gatsby gives him a radiant and understanding smile. (154) Nick feels the urge to tell him this because Gatsby held on to his dream of getting Daisy back and watching his dream disappear right in front of him, therefore she was his external hope for everything and he could do better than her and find someone better.
How does Wilson view the “eyes of doctor TJ Eckleberg”? Does Wilsons statement have a symbolic level for the novel as a whole? Wilson is confused and deranged and views the “eyes of Eckleberg” as the eyes of God that sees everything. Owl eyes has classes too, and sees many things that most people do not.
Trace the moments of Gatsby and Wilson at the end of Ch. 8 what is nicks meaning when he says ” … The holocaust was complete?” The elite caused a massacre of all of those in the novel and if you didn’t have money and if you weren’t well known in society, you died. George killed Gatsby as a way of revenge for “killing his wife” when it was Daisy who was drivingShortly after he killed Gatsby, he shot himself so there was no proof on who killed him.
What makes Nick assume responsibility for the funeral arrangements? No one cared about Gatsby and would arrange the funeral except for him. He called daisy and many others but got either very little response or no response at all. So he took over and planned the funeral himself.
What version of the tragedy appeared in thenewspapers? How would you account for the fact that this version went unchallenged and uncorrected? (163) “most of these reports were a nightmare- grotesque, circumstantial, eager and untrue.” Nick was chosen as a spokesperson because no one volunteered to do so.
How had Gatsby’s father learned of the tragedy? To what extent does the father know his son? Gatsby’s father learned of the tragedy from the newspaper(s). His father isn’t aware and doesn’t choose to be aware of how his son gained his wealth. His father takes certain pride in all of his sons possessions.
Discuss the significance of Gatsby’s boyhood program for self improvement. He was always the one to try and make improvements on himself.The schedule in the book shows this.
What is the irony of Gatsby’s funeral? Few people were at the funeral or the procession. Gatsby’s father, Nick, the minister, some servants, and owl eyes were the only ones in attendance at the funeral.Shows while hundreds came to the parties they used him for his wealth, and didn’t take the time to get to know him as a person and it shows that they didn’t care enough to do so either.
What is the significance of including the scene with Jordan baker? It shows Nicks disgust with everyone who was involved with the murder and the accident and shows his disgust for the “elite class”
What moral judgement does Nick make about Tom and Daisy? ” it was all very careless and confused. They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed things and creatures and then retreated back to their money and their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.” (179)
Explain the significance of the last page of the novel in relation to Gatsby’s dream and to the American Dream. Gatsby believed that he still had many years to live ahead of him and all he could think about was living right then in the moment. He had all the things men wanted and needed. He thought he could win Daisy back in the end. The last page shows what happens when you let your dreams control your life and they aren’t a reality.
does this novel have relevance in this time? why or why not? yes it does have relevance to current day. main themes that fitzgerald writes about throughout the novel are materialism, social networking, persona, and not really knowing a true celebrity’s personality. all these things are current struggles to the everyday life in the 21st.

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