gatsby chapter 9 questions

Why does Nick feel responsible for getting people to the funeral? Why do you suppose Wolfsheim reacts the way he does? He thought of himself as Gatsby’s friend. He’s a gangster and needs to keep things on the down-low
What does young Jimmy Gatz’s daily schedule say about him? He was an extremely hard worker and dedicatedto self-improvement, though he was frustrated by his lapses in self-discipline.
Is Nick surprised that Daisy has not sent a message or flowers? Are you? He’s not really surprised and says that heunderstands her position and doesn’t resent her. Daisy is a selfish woman who’s already headed out of town to save her own neck.
Nick’s fantastic dream involves El Greco figures. What is the dream, and what might this dream represent inregard to Nick’s present feelings about the East? Adarker read on the description is that the woman is dead. The dream means that the East Coast has lost the allure itonce held. The consequence of this lifestyle is human carnage. No amount of glitz or bling can cover the darknessand sorrow.
What shocking piece of information does Nick receive in his chance meeting with Tom? What is Nick’s final feeling about Tom andDaisy? He learns that Tom was the person who told Wilson that Gatsby was the man who killed Myrtle. They are able to use their money and their influence to avoid taking responsibility for the damage they cause.
In the last four paragraphs, Nick makes the symbol of the green light very concrete. What does the green lightsymbolize? Just as Gatsby was reaching for the promise of a higher social level, so to were the early Dutch settlers looking for a better, more satisfying life promised by this new land.
Keeping the last few paragraphs in mind, what does the last sentence in the story mean? We keep reaching for the wonderful picture of the future, but we’ll never be able to reach it,Fitzgerald seems to be saying here. Bleak stuff.

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