Gatsby Chapter:8 Discussion Questions and Answers

What foreshadows Gatsby’s death? p147 Nick has nightmares and wakes just before dawn with a feeling he must warn Gatsby about something–“and morning would be too late.”
Nick urges Gatsby to go away, but he refuses. Explain. p148 Gatsby was still clutching at one last hope that Daisy would choose to be with him after all.
Why does Fitzgerald include Gatsby’s flashback about Daisy? It unravels a bit more of the mystery about Gatsby, this time giving the reader the real story of his feelings for Daisy.
To what “grail” does Gatsby refer? As legendary heroes sought the Holy Grail at all costs, Gatsby had made Daisy his Grail
What is the symbolic significance of autumn at the novel’s end? Why is there a “sharp difference” in the weather? The falling leaves and the draining of the pool signal an end and parallel the end of the illusion and the end of Gatsby’s life. On a larger scale, Gatsby’s death symbolizes the death of the American Dream.
What does nick mean when he says to Gatsby, “You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together”? Is Nick being hypocritical? p154, p1 Although Nick disapproves of Gatsby’s shady business dealings, and thinks he is a fool for believing he can recapture the past, he nonetheless admires his honest and steadfast devotion to a goal–Gatsby is still uncorrupted in that way, while all of the other characters are spiritually and morally bereft.
What does Nick realize about Jordan? p155 Jordan is more concerned about herself than anything else. She is selfish and irresponsible, and he doesn’t care if he ever sees her again.
George Wilson typifies the ordinary man. What else does Fitzgerald’s portrayal of him suggest? Wilson lives in a world of delusion. He doesn’t realize, even at the end, that Tom was Myrtle’s lover all along. He mistakes Dr. Eckleburg’s eyes for God’s. With Tom’s encouragement, he kills the wrong man and then himself, and is “reduced” to the label “deranged by grief.” Wilson is seen as Tom Buchanan’s scapegoat, just as the middle class in general is seen as the scapegoat of the rich.

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