Gatsby CHAPTER 7 Questions

How is the behavior of the characters linked to the hottest day of the summer? It’s really hot and the heat makes the characters uncomfortable and more irritable, so it’s really tense between Tom, Gatsby, and Daisy. Tom is short tempered and Daisy is on edge
What does Tom discover that unnerves him, and how does he discover it? Tom realized Gatsby and Daisy are in love. Tom sees the look in Daisy’s eyes and realizes that she actually loves Gatsby
What does Gatsby understand about Daisy’s voice that Nick does not? Nick had been fascinated by Daisy’s voice, but couldn’t figure out why, exactly, while Gatsby identifies her voice as “full of money.”
In what cars do the 5 of them travel into the city? Gatsby and Daisy are in Tom’s coupe when they drive to the city, and Tom, Jordan, and Nick are in Gatsby’s car.
Why do you suppose that Tom decides to let Wilson finally have the car he has been promising him? Tom finally agrees to let Wilson have the car, but it’s not clear whether it is out of guilt, get suspicion out of his way, or some sort of understanding of how it feels to be a husband who has been cheated on (sympathy)
What indication is there at this point that Tom means quite a bit to Myrtle? Nick sees Myrtle’s eyes widen in horror when she sees Jordan Baker in the cars and thinks that it’s Tom’s wife–this implies that Myrtle really loves Tom
Besides Myrtle’s what other eyes “kept their vigil”? The eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg
As always, there is a grain of truth in what Gatsby says. In what sense is he an Oxford man? Since Gatsby attended a program at Oxford for former officers for 5 months, there is a grain of truth to his contention that he is an “Oxford man.”
What does Nick mean and why does he say, “Angry as I was.. , I was tempted to laugh whenever [Tom] opened his mouth. The transition from libertine to prig was so complete”? Nick feels like laughing at Tom, who is shouting about the absence of morality and fidelity even as he himself is carrying on an affair with Myrtle
Why does Daisy say that Tom is “revolting”? Daisy finds it revolting that Tom is a cheater who passes off his infidelity and cheating on her as “a little spree”
Why does Daisy have a tough time saying, as Gatsby wishes, she never loved Tom? At one point, she did love Tom. She’s also afraid that once she says she never loved Tom she will be Gatsby’s permanently.
Why is it important to Gatsby that Daisy never loved Tom, only him? Gatsby wants to erase the past and Daisy to be just as he dreamed. Part of him wanting to control his world.
How has Gatsby gotten some of his money, and what does Tom say that startles Gatsby? He and Wolsheim bought a lot of streetside drug stores and sold illegal alcohol over the counter. Tom also says Gatsby has something big going on but Walter Chase (Toms friend) won’t tell him because he’s afraid.
What is Daisy’s reaction to the news? She stares terrified between Gatsby and her husband and she starts to withdraw into herself.
Why does Tom make the point to Wilson that he just drive the coupe from New York and the yellow car is not his? Because he’s afraid that Wilson will remember that Tom was in the yellow car earlier and think that he killed Myrtle. He wants to make sure Wilson doesn’t suspect him or think he did it.
What indication is there that Tom really is fond of Myrtle? He cries over her death.
What does the reader learn that Tom does not know yet? That Daisy was driving that car that killed Myrtle, not Gatsby.
What is the scene that Nick observes taking place between Tom and Daisy in the kitchen? They’re sitting opposite each other and Tom has his hand over hers. He is talking very intently with Daisy nodding. They aren’t happy or unhappy. It seems like they’re very close almost plotting, trying to set their story straight.
Why does this scene suggest ill for Gatsby? Tom and Daisy are getting closer, and the closer they get the more Gatsby gets bumped out of the picture.

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